Friday, 25 November 2011

The school run

If I do the school run by tube, it takes 20 minutes longer than if I do it by car.

Late afternoon sky at Leytonstone

The car has a powerful heater, blasting warm air in my face and on my feet.  The tube has drafts from the doors which all open at every station.

Doors open at Leytonstone

On the tube, I listen to my music quietly on my headphones and I don't sing out loud at the top of my voice as I do in the car.

Sunset at South Woodford

But if I go by tube I can admire some magnificent sunsets at this time of year.  And O and I get to chat as we walk home from the station; if we are lucky we find some treasure too.

Giant leaf


  1. You could always sing on the tube. Then you'd be The Tube Nutter ; )

  2. Yes! Be the Tube Nutter! Then I could sit next to you and feel safe rather than like a complete country bumpkin when I come to London (which is daft, given that I grew up in Croydon. Moving swiftly on ...)

  3. Huge leaf! Are the leaves just starting to fall now?

  4. It's all a question of balance isn't it? Some days by train,some by car. Impressive leaf!


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