Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sewing, knitting and Welsh Cakes - it's all good

I've been so productive lately.

Sewing a quilt for a new baby:

A flower fairy quilt for Miss Bourke

Knitting socks AND a baby kicking bag:

Knitting basket

Sewing secret presents for nephews:

Secret Christmas sewing

Christmas sewing for a small nephew

...and neices:

Beautiful selvedge

Making (and eating) Welsh Cakes:

Big stack of welsh cakes

But then it all grinds to a halt as I get distracted by cobwebs and sunsets.

Dewy cobwebs

Friday sunset outside Livvy's school

And a child is sick and off school on the two days I had set aside to sew his Christmas present.  Time to make some more Welsh Cakes and drink a cup of tea I think.


  1. hope he feels well enough to join you in a welsh cake, they look scrummmy x

  2. There was a lady in my parent's group who always made us Welsh cakes - they were delicious.

    Now I want cake--but will have to wait til craft tonight to get my ration ; )

  3. Ooh, can I pop in for tea & welshcakes too?

  4. You have been so productive! I have been distracted by dewdrops on cobwebs and amazing sunsets/sunrises this week too! I haven't done much in the way of baking though and those welsh cakes look so good!

  5. Ooh, I love Welsh cakes! In fact I often breakfast on one.

    I hope the poorly one recovers soon x


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