Friday, 4 November 2011

A girl who knows what she wants

I loved MrsM's thoughtful post earlier this week, on the joie de vivre of her daughter.  And of course I then started thinking of how delighted I would be if my own daughter ended up with such an awesome and sassy taste in shoes.

Usually quietly self-contained...but always, always, drawing, dancing or writing...O is a peaceful, gentle presence in our household.  I took some photos of a few of the posters she has made for her bedroom walls and door recently.

My little speech

10 things I like

And when I read all these posters*, I thought to myself that in ten years' time I bet she'll also be strutting her stuff in purple suede 4" heels.  She might be quiet, but she's a young lady who seems to know her own mind.

*There are more of her posters, and notes about them all, on Flickr.


  1. I don't think there is any doubt that she has a colourful and wonderful life ahead of her.

    Her list of 10 things reminds me of someone ... I wonder who?

  2. I'm sighing! On No2's bedroom door there is a terrible sign about explicit content or something! It's almost too hideous to read...

  3. A girl who knows what she likes!!

  4. Hello O,
    MissM says Hi!and keep up with the ballet - it will help you with your balance when you want to dance in high heeled shoes. She loves your posters and she likes all the same things except mash. She was very happy to get a mention on your mum's blog.

  5. Wonderful! Clearly a young lady who will dance in 4" heels.

  6. Loving them all,but am slightly disappointed that mash made it to the top of the list...!x

  7. oh she loves lists.
    priceless xxx

  8. I love her posters. She's clearly a girl who keeps the lids on her felt tips, which earns her much status to begin with.

    Is a 'crew ship' actually a cruise ship (in which case the purple heels will come in handy) or is she talking about being a crew member on a sailing boat (in which case they aren't)?!

  9. She reminds me so much of my Lulu (although O seems to have a greater mastery of spelling)Go Girl!


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