Monday, 26 March 2012

A cherry blossom moment

Last week I spent over £300 on two new tyres for the car.  This morning, one of them was flat.  The AA man followed the sound of my sobs and came to my rescue.  I limped slowly on my spare tyre back to the garage, and asked them to fit me yet another one; then I walked home, wondering if it was possible for us all to live solely on lentils and oats for a month.

But about twenty minutes later the garage phoned.  There was no puncture.  The tyre had just come away from the wheel rim, had now been re-inflated and was absolutely fine.  I dried my tears and walked back to the garage, blinking in the sunshine.  I smiled at the cherry blossom, vivid pink against the blue sky and wondered how I could possibly have missed it earlier.

Cherry blossom in Leyton

Sometimes, I realised, our mood and well-being makes us more receptive to the loveliness around us than at other times. 

Here's hoping this is the start of a cherry blossom week for all of us.


  1. I LOVE Cherry blossom and I'm so pleased you didn't need to buy yet another tyre! I agree about mood. When you're happy you notice all the small things, flowers, blossom, birds etc but when you're low they seem to escape you x

  2. Oh yes indeed. I think it is going to be a cherry blossom week. Don't you just hate spending money on cars?

  3. Ugh, cars, houses, gardens, money pits all. Bah humbug.

    Now I shall take a deep breath and look at your cherry blossom. Then go outside and look at our tulips. That's better.

  4. Yep, £300 on tires would have you walking along with downcast eyes. I'm very glad there was a happy outcome and you had your blossomy revelation - like you say, here's hoping the rest of the week continues in the same vein x

  5. Oh dear. It's nearly MOT time.

    Still! Cherry blossom!

  6. My car had its MOT last week and everything was fine so feeling very "cherry blossom" about my car at the moment. Wishing everyone cherry blossom moments with everything this week.

  7. I really need a cherry blossom week.

  8. Oh yes cherry blossoms for me to please!


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