Tuesday 20 March 2012

The List of Pleasing Things

  • Reading The Fine Colour of Rust by P.A. O'Reilly which introduced me to the concept of The List of Pleasing Things.  An excellent book by an Australian writer.  I want to read more from her.
  • A day with my sister and her new baby.  My little niece is smiling and cooing.  She tells me she likes handknits best of all, which is a good thing really.
  • Dithering over whether to have a chocolate croissant (made by C for Mothering Sunday) or a piece of chocolate crunch (made by O for Mothering Sunday) with my mid-morning coffee.  My veins mostly runneth with butter and chocolate this week.  Not wholly a bad thing.
  • Clever, croissant-cooking Cam
    C with one of his handmade chocolate croissants - as delicious as you might think
  • Sunshine and daffodils. I'm still not tired of them.  Plus my most elderly and stately hen just started laying again to celebrate the new season.
  • Catching sight of a new trophy on the mantelpiece.  Auntie Alison and Uncle Richard came over for a Just Dance dance-off at the weekend, and brought a trophy with them, which was eventually won by C and O.  There will be a re-match later in the spring, and the children are going to have to do some serious practise to retain the title.
  • Richard and Livvy throw some good shapes
    Uncle Richard and O set a very high standard
    Victorious children with their trophy
    Victorious children with their trophy
  • Making contact with long-lost family members in America.  Hearing their amazing stories and marvelling at their openness and friendship.
  • Listening to the properly excellent Sport and the British presented by Clare Balding on Radio 4 (available on podacast and on iPlayer).  Clare Balding is one of my favourite broadcasters; she has such a beautifully clear voice, and the series is fascinating.


  1. The Fine Colour of Rust sounds like my kind of book... another one to add to my list (I'm also a fan of a good list)

  2. A good list. Some pleasing things for me this week has been drying washing outside and the sunshine causing rainbows around our kitchen (eldest child made a solar powered crystal thingy). May your week continue in a pleasing vein. xx

  3. I very much like the idea of A List of Pleasing Things. And hooray for children who bake.

  4. ohh I'll check those books out.

    (I'd go for chocolate croissant. Any time)

  5. What a fabulous find your blog is -- I've popped over here from Ali's link. It's especially timely as I'm planning a few days in London at the end of the summer -- currently dithering over how many days to spend there, 'cause let's face it, there's no way I could stay long enough -- SO much to do! LOVE your lists!!!

  6. I love the idea of a list of pleasing things. And homemade croissants? Wow! Verrry impressed.

    K x

  7. We have entirely the wrong sort of aunties and uncles. Can I have yours?


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