Monday, 12 March 2012

Seen on the Tube

Central Line - Leytonstone to Oxford Circus

  • A man in a black nylon jumper, deeply asleep with a completely serene expression on his face; his fingers laced together neatly in his lap.
  • A young man with red headphones, reading The Mail on Sunday and frowning.
  • A smart young lady surreptitiously slurping a McDonald's milkshake, hidden inside a bag of shopping on her lap.
  • A young man with green headphones, chewing gum and dozing lightly in between stops.
  • Two people in thick wool coats, sweating heavily.
  • A young woman with her hair in a high ballet bun and a stud through her right eyebrow, smiling at the photos on her pink iPhone.
  • A tired middle-aged woman holding a polystyrene cup with three dark red roses in it.

View from Hungerford Bridge at sunset
The view East from Hungerford Bridge, at sunset last night. Waterloo Bridge in the foreground and the City behind.


  1. I love them too. I'm with red headphones man, the Mail On Sunday makes me frown.

  2. What is the name of the tall building which is catching the sun in the very middle of the photo?

    Also, are those really cranes which I can just see in the distance? I rubbed my screen and they didn't go away!

  3. I've added notes to the original photo in Flickr, which is the easiest way to label all the landmarks - hope this helps! You can see it here:

    Nancy x

  4. I love these posts too (but it's Waterloo Bridge ;)

    1. Noooo! I was umming and ahhing, and dithering and checking. Doh! Shall change the caption immediately - thank you!

  5. I love your observations from the tube. And London. I have fantasies about living there. Maybe when the kids have flown the nest.

  6. I can so relate to the people in the wool coats--made the mistake of wearing mine out shopping yesterday morning! K x

  7. I SOOOOO miss London! So I SOOOOOO love these posts!!!!


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