Friday, 16 March 2012

Seen on the Tube

District Line - Mile End to Kew Gardens

  • A lady reading The Highway Code and sighing heavily.
  • Two work colleagues, heads bent together over an open lever-arch file, looking up at each other shyly when their hands accidentally brushed together.
  • Two elderly trainspotters, with notebooks and cameras on their laps, loudly discussing the points system at Willesden Junction.
  • A young lady, with a cascade of spectacularly curly blonde hair, sitting very still and poised in a corner seat.
  • Two Japanese teenagers, with matching spiky rubber covers on their iPhones, sitting on the floor of the carriage and chatting quietly.
  • A young man wearing a trilby hat at a jaunty angle and carrying a jute shopping bag with House of Commons printed on the side.

Pink & white camellia
Pink and white camellia bloom at Kew

Magnolia pink against the blue
Blue skies and magnolia blossom at Kew

This post is for Tracy and Kristina, who shared a glorious day out with me at Kew, and who liked Monday's post so much.


  1. Nancy, these observational posts of yours are fantastic. They really inspire me, thank you.

  2. I love these posts too. I have a perfect mental picture of them all!

  3. Oh I love these posts too... and there I was wondering if The Highway Code was some dramatic novel, ha!

  4. Oh good - another! I love these so much. Think they need to become a regular institution.

  5. These posts are so lovely - I think I have seen all these people somewhere or other!

  6. Hooray and thank you for another Seen on the Tube post! And what a great day. Gorgeous photos too :) K x

  7. Oh this is my favourite list yet- every item a short story waiting to be written, Nancy! Collection entitled: Seen on the Tube!


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