Tuesday, 27 March 2012


There's a reason why things become classic.

Vanilla & chocolate buns for spring
Plain vanilla buns with chocolate buttercream and mini eggs

They are just very, very good.


  1. ooh, yes please! Bun cases already packed.

  2. Mmmmmmmm. We kicked off mini egg season tonight at Brownies.

  3. They look so good! I'm very partial to a mini egg.

    Your cherry blossom is stunning too. I've never had a cherry tree before, but there's one in the back garden of the new house and it's about to erupt. Lovely time of year.

  4. yes, you can't beat a bit of buttercream topped with a mini egg. I have a feeling a trip to the shops is in order, as we're all out of mini eggs here and I really want some now!

  5. Haha, indeed! You can keep your new-fangled Easter treats - give me a mini egg with vanilla and chocolate...


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