Friday, 15 April 2011

10 things


  • Time goes slowly here
  • I've been preparing broad beans for supper - a slow, leisurely task. Pod, boil, cool, pod again, pile into pretty bowl.
  • I don't know where the children are or what they're doing. Which is just what you want on holiday.  They ran in asking for iPod speakers, toothpicks and handcream earlier.  Maybe I don't want to know any more.
  • We had an onion baguette with cheese for lunch.  It was as delicious as it sounds.
  • Mum & Dad have been clearing out their shed.  They have their own hard hats, for when they cut down trees.  I didn't know this about them
  • The nights are very cold - we sleep under very thick duvets and quilts, and wear woolen socks - but the days are hot and saturated with sunshine.
  • I have a new tube of French handcream, and Marie Claire Idees - these things make me very happy.
  • The wisteria smells heady and sweet.  There are enormous jet-black bees humming around it.
  • The children tell me that only by consuming Orangina and Nutella, are they having the full French cultural experience.
  • We close the shutters at night and sleep in darkness that is so black and velvety you can't see your hand in front of your face.  I'm a little freaked out by this, and miss my street lamp.
Hard hats

Broad beans

Marie Claire Idees

Wisteria falling


  1. Orangina is the heart of any holiday in France. According to my offspring too.

  2. i'm so enjoying my visits to your blog...and very glad i "discovered" it via MrsM/Alice C.

  3. oh yum. The broad beans look amazing. I LOVE broad beans twice podded.Is the orangina over there still in the rounded bottles? desperately tried to source it for the caff when first opened but no joy. Just not the same in a can!

  4. Try roughly mashing your cooked broad beans with olive oil, garlic, S&P, lemon juice and grated parmesan - the first time I did this I ate every day for 2 weeks!

  5. How pretty are those broad beans? I could almost like them.

  6. I *love* podding broad beans,

    Sounds like a blissful time is being had by all.

  7. I'm packing my bags now! K x

  8. Ooh, I feel a bit odd just reading about the dark! Sounds like you are having a fantastic time.

    There is a newsagent in Edinburgh that sells Marie Claire Idees, but you have to be quick!


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