Sunday, 3 April 2011

Seen on the Tube

Northern Line - Hampstead to Bank
  • Five pairs of Converse plimsolls - blue, lilac, cream, green and grey.
  • A family with lilting Geordie accents, hauling enormous suitcases off the train at Kings Cross.
  • Many prettily wrapped bunches of Mothering Sunday flowers - always in the arms of young men or middle-aged ladies.
  • Grandparents saying goodbye to grandchildren who were immersed in their books.
  • Two pairs of sunglasses perched on top of heads.
  • A young man wearing swimming trunks and a denim jacket.  Couldn't help but stare in appreciation curiosity.
  • A pretty teenager with four bright felt flowers in her hair.
  • A man reading a Japanese e-book on a Kindle.
Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath
The view over London from Parliament Hill, on Hampstead Heath


  1. I'm curious about the swimming trunks and jacket too now!

  2. Are we too old for felt flowers, do you think? I often wonder. As, you know, I get older.

  3. Swimming trunks and a jacket? In April?? The mind boggles!!

  4. So happy to be back in my Converse sneakers--spring is definitely here!

    K x

  5. Felt flowers? In hair? Oooooh!


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