Tuesday, 12 April 2011

French spring walk #1

I am missing my weekday walks with Gill very much.  For the last couple of weeks we didn't have a free day that coincided, and now the holidays are with us and we are busy with other things.

But I am carrying on with the walks by myself, and now I am on holiday I can take walks with the family if they want to come too.

This evening, I took a quick stroll with my mother and G for about a mile across the village, around the hill on the other side, and back home across the fields.  At this time of year, this part of France is rampant with new spring growth.  The land is lush, green and ribboned with rivers and gorges - in April everything is bursting into life and growing almost before your very eyes.

Hills and buttercups

This field in the picture above was a haze of yellow buttercups and blue vetch, and the grass reached nearly to our knees.

Long grass

We saw dandelions, daisies, oak trees with new, vivid leaves, small blue flowers, small white flowers and an ancient tractor dragging a trailer full of hunks of stone.

Dandelion clock

Tiny spring blues

Graham and Mum wonder what happened to the river

Grass head

Day's eye
Spreading oak

This brief, pre-supper stroll was a nice easy walk for the start of our holiday, but I'm going to get much more serious.  I think tomorrow I may tackle the hysterically steep hill where the wild deer hide out.


  1. How wonderful it all looks!

  2. Lucky you! (By the way, I love what you've done with your blog, and the lists along the top)

  3. Oh how beautiful. So impossibly green!

    K x


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