Thursday, 14 April 2011

French spring walk #3

This is the Abbaye de Beaulieu.

The Abbaye de Beaulieu

I came here this morning, for a walk with G and O.  Now the abbey is an art gallery, but today we came not for the paintings, but for a walk around the grounds.  We strolled amongst the trees that lined the banks of the river around the abbey.  Hundreds of years ago, the monks used to farm trout in these waters.  We wandered through more lush meadows full of spring flowers and blooming grasses, and marvelled at the vivid blue skies and warm sunshine.
Livvy leads the way

Big, fat snail shell


Delicate purple

Spring growth

River Seye at Beaulieu
G and O picked bunches of flowers from the meadow, which we brought home and put in glasses to decorate the table.
Graham and Livvy picking flowers

Livvy with her bunch of flowers


  1. Enjoying your walks in springtime France. Very pretty top your daughter is wearing - CK Fabric?

  2. I am SO pleased you are having such a wonderful send over some of that lovely sunshine!x

  3. Hmm-not sure how that happened, but it's Me! Not Him! heehee x

  4. I think I shall have to pack my bags and head to France forthwith!

  5. Sweet Mary, yes! It is indeed CK fabric - well spotted.

  6. Nice top. Who made that, I wonder?


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