Thursday, 28 April 2011

10 things

  • Thank you all very much for your kind comments about our engagement.  We've read them so many times and really appreciate them all.
  • I've dug out my French dictionary so that I can start translating all the mountain of legal paperwork that needs to be prepared for our marriage.  By the time I'd found my dictionary, I'd also found one Latin dictionary, two French grammars and a disturbing FOUR baby name dictionaries.
  • I've sewn a school dress for one of O's friends who loves her handmade ones.  I used the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress pattern again, and put in several tiny contrasting details.
  • Flower detail on Alana's school dress
    An Oliver + S ice cream school dress for Alana
  • O and her friends - like me - love secret fabrics (facings made of something very different to the main fabric).  I've used small pieces of a Cath Kidston favourite here.
  • Hidden pocket trim linings on Alana's school dress
    Contrasting facings from Cath Kidston fabric
  • I always like making yogurt - my special milk thermometer makes me feel like a geeky scientist.
  • Making yogurt
  • Our Olympic tickets have been ordered and we wait to see with bated breath which, if any, we'll get.
  • C and O unaccountably wanted to see the fencing.  I think we're in with a good chance of getting the first round fencing tickets we applied for. 
  • I'm not sure O even knows what fencing is.
  • I'm planning to make the Colette crepe wrap dress for my wedding dress.  The pattern has arrived, and I am rummaging through my pile of fabrics to see what might work.  I love the idea of a contrasting sash.
  • Colette wrap dress pattern for my wedding dress
  • I'm off to make some red velvet cupcakes in union jack paper cases now, for consumption in front of the tele tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations again! So excited about your Colette wedding dress! And love the new Ice Cream Dress too.

    Not holding my breath for our Olympic tennis tickets. Seems like a long shot (and a very bad pun!)...

    K x

  2. Oops, how did I miss that? (pause while I go back and read the last post) Many congratulations! How exciting, and the pattern for your dress looks lovely, can't wait to see what fabric you choose!

  3. One of the few proper things I have actually made was my wedding dress. I love the memory; I'm sure you will too.

  4. I'm so excited for you and I love the secret fabric too. We're off to Sheffield tomorrow for the diving... who knows, maybe we'll have VIP tickets for the next olympics!

  5. Secret fabrics are truly the best! Am vaguely hoping we don't get all our Olympic tickets, because the total was a shocking amount.

    And get that clever Coffee Lady and you, making your own wedding dresses! Wonder what the bookmaker odds are for Kate Middleton doing that?!

  6. I love that crepe pattern! Unfortunately I have ginormo-breastfeeding boobs at the moment, which would make it look awful, but I can't wait to see your version. I'm currently casting around for inspiration for my wedding dress, which I'm kidding myself I might have time to make.

  7. Our street looks as if aircraft from outer space have accidentally dropped union jack bunting meant for the decorating of the whole country.HOWEVER, our whole street has tied said bunting to every lamp post, drain pipe and available hanging basket and I am now scared to leave the house. If there are any red velvet cupcakes left down your way I may jump on a train first thing...send help if you don't hear from me by the end of the weekend?!x

  8. LOVE the dress, looking forward to seeing all the things you make.

  9. Hi there! I love Colette patterns and was actually considering the Crepe pattern for my own wedding dress, so I did some googling to see if it had been done before and it looks like you have the same idea! Congratulations on your engagement, and I'm excited to see progress on your dress. :) I'm personally thinking white or cream with a contrasting sash too, probably green but who knows at this point, I have over a year until my own wedding! Best wishes!


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