Monday, 16 May 2011

10 things

  • This weekend I took the children to Brick Lane market, and we all had a fine old time browsing around all the vintage clothing shops and the eclectic selection of food stalls, and discussing what vinyl records were all about - "you know how before downloads there used to be CDs? Well before CDs there used to be vinyl records!"
  • C bought himself a funky hat - he looks both suddenly older and sweetly young, all at the same time.
  • Cam in funky hat, borrowing my laptop
  •  I bought a big bag of bagels from the Brick Lane Beigel Bakery, which I used to visit on my way home from big nights out, many years ago.  The children had not eaten proper fresh bagels like these before and they were bowled over, as I knew they would be.
  • Brick Lane beigels
  • We have had no rain here in East London since I came back from France three weeks ago.  I am faithfully watering all my geraniums and busy lizzies, morning and evening, and am torn between loving the warm dry weather, cursing the chore of twice daily watering and starting to enjoy the enforced time in the garden.
  • G is now in the final ten weeks of training before his ironman race.  When he's not at work he only wears lycra or his pyjamas as he spends his entire time training, sleeping or eating.
  • My prize from Ali's Dorset Cereals blog giveaway arrived yesterday - boxes and boxes of delicious cereal and two very beautiful blue-green cups and matching bowls.  We were very excited opening all those parcels, Ali - thank you so much!
  • I won loads of delicious cereal
  • I am really desperate to start making another quilt - one to mark our marriage this summer.  But I know how long it takes me to make a quilt, and I don't actually have the time to make one before August, as well as making myself a dress, a dress for O and a shirt for C.
  • It doesn't stop me planning though...
  • ...nor does it stop me cutting up fabric, just in case....
  • I haven't seen Mr Toad since I blogged about him.  I don't think he was happy with the level of media exposure.


  1. Master C - you look so cool!

  2. Re: the Wedding Quilt - you could ask your blog buddies to send you one 10inch block each and you can put it together. In return you could give each blog a plug.

  3. Cam's hat is very suave. And glad your munchies arrived safely!

  4. Love the hat!

    Perhaps you could ask fellow bloggers to make you a square for your quilt? It would be interesting to see the different designs! (Can't you tell I get excited when thinking about quilts!!)

    Oooh just read Sweet Mary's reply and great minds think alike!

  5. Oooh look at all that cereal!

    And I think you might just sneak a quilt in after the shirt and dresses. You're such a speedy sewist! Perhaps it could be a mini quilt like on the Purl Bee?

    K x

  6. Perhaps the toad has taken out a superinjunction?

    Love C's hat.

    If you want to make your quilt yourself (love the idea of people sending squares in), I would wait until after the wedding because there may be things about the day that inspire which colours and patterns you use, you could buy some of the fabric over there. And then aim to have it done by your first anniversary so less pressure!

  7. Katherines idea is VERY sensible! Listen to her!You could include any vintage fabrics you pick up in France, maybe with a lavender theme..Hmm..
    Good work on those beigels-how amazing! the photos of the bakery from the link are something else.Open 24 hours a day!marvelous stuff.
    C looks fab in his hat-he's developing his own style isn't he?x

  8. You should definitely either make it a group quilt (bet there would be plenty of bloggers who would send a block, me included), or pick some inspiration from your wedding day and do as Katherine suggests.

    I adore fresh bagels. Mmmmm. Might have to make some this week. After the focaccia we have planned tomorrow thanks to your recipe!

  9. Amazing how bagels range from the very good to the very bad so easily! Glad you are keeping the culinary cultural lessons up ;-). Have the children tried lox with bagels yet?

  10. Cool hat! I fancy one of those bagels.

  11. Loving all the quilt ideas!!! less cutting for you at least!! and you could include spare dress/shirt fabric too after the event x

  12. I'd love to make you a block!

    I feel the need to make bagels...

  13. The Brick Lane bakery- I went there with my sister years ago when she lived in Golders Green. I am thrilled to hear it's still there.

    Love the idea of a wedding quilt :-)


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