Friday, 6 May 2011

Meet my new friend

Can you see who's hiding under the lavender bush?
Someone's hiding underneath the lavender

No, I thought not.  He's very good at hiding.
My friend, Mr Toad

This is my friend Mr Toad.  He moved into our garden while we were in France and I have grown very fond of him.  We play Hide & Seek each morning, when I go into the garden to feed the hens.  Sometimes I find him under the lavender, sometimes he's beneath a giant rhubarb leaf and very often I see him peering out at me from behind the ivy.
Hello Mr Toad!


  1. He's so cute!! Even for a toad! :o)

  2. We don't seem to have any froggy or toady friends this year. Oh well - I shall enjoy yours vicariously!

  3. Oh dear - they are one type of creature that really make me shudder. It's their hoppy unpredictability, I think. No chance of ever finding a prince then....

  4. Oooh G will be so envious--he loves toads! K x

  5. He's rather cool looking! Love his serious look. Hope your hens don't take a fancy to him.

  6. They leap out, alarmingly.

    And there was an experience with a dead frog that still haunts me.

  7. In Australia frogs are beautiful (and protected) while toads are evil (and feral pests) who must be squished. I shuddered at that photo.

    Clearly they are pleasant animals in England though, judging from [most of] the comments.

  8. Oh no - sorry not good with toads or frogs :-)


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