Friday, 13 May 2011

Weekday walk #10

It seems as though we are drawn back to the river each time we walk.  We've walked so much of it this year, and yet it is still our default destination for any walk we plan.  This week we've done two shorter walks - both through the centre of town, where it is busier, and we can spend time being distracted by oddities - and both along the river.
On Wednesday evening we met at the 5th Floor bar in Waterstones on Piccadilly for bloody marys and a good time.  We chatted so much that we didn't notice the time, and suddenly they were closing up and we were standing on Piccadilly clutching the remains of our half drunk bottle of wine and wondering what to do next.
We admired the exciting window displays in Fortnum and Mason, and then weaved our way across to Trafalgar Square and then down towards the river at embankment.  If in doubt, head for the river.
The absinthe genie in Fortnum & Mason's window display
The genie with the absinthe in Fortnum and Masons

We stopped on one of the benches along the Victoria Embankment to drink the rest of the wine and admire the twinkling lights along the river.
We'd been drinking wine

Photographing the Shard

We walked along the embankment to the City, stopping to take an assortment of photos whenever we saw something funny or interesting.  I was drawn to the empty offices and empty riverside gyms - bleak and impersonal so late at night, but still blazing with artificial light.

Empty offices by night
Office gym by night

Office blocks by night

After a day's rest yesterday, to get over our hangovers let our legs recover, we met up again for a daytime walk along another part of the river in central London - this time the short and very pretty stretch from Bermondsey to Southwark.
Wooden stack

Houseboats on the river at Bermondsey

This part of the river gives you fantastic views of Tower Bridge, and leads you through really good modern architecture - towers, office blocks, converted warehouses and museums.  This part of London has embraced its history and modernity in equal measure and done both rather well.  I love the old warehouses, and I love Tower Bridge and the Globe Theatre, but I also love the squashed City Hall building, the new Shard tower going up, and the shiny glass offices with interesting curves next to the river.
Old, renovated warehouse

Tower Bridge

City Hall

The Tower of London

Shiny, curvy office buildings

The Shard

Reflected in a shiny new office building

We ended up at Borough Market, about an hour before the craziness of Friday lunchtime began, and made the most of being able to wander around discussing cheese, sausage, cake and bread with the stallholders.
With heavy shopping bags we headed wearily towards Southwark tube station and home, for a weekend of eating delicious cheeses with our families.


  1. As ever thankyou for an interesting walk ,and a little sight seeing trip in the big smoke,'A country girl me' Jan xx

  2. That F&M man is a bit alarming! I loved your walk - I used to work about a hundred yards from Borough Market, and I well remember the Friday lunchtime rush and business. Thanks foe reminding me of life pre-babies!

  3. A very nice weekend indeed. Wouldn't mind having half a bottle of wine on a bench in London a May evening.

  4. Oh what wonderful pictures of the city. Fortnums does the best window displays. And I'm so envious of your visit to Borough Market. I haven't been in ages. Did you pick up lots of amazing goodies?

    K x


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