Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Weekday walk #9

I've missed this.  A walk in the sunshine with my friend, first thing in the morning..
Beech trees near High Beach

We chat, we laugh, we moan, we swap stories, we chat some more, we stop to drink coffee, and we take dozens of photos.
Log pile


Pretty hawthorn blossom

We saw so many animals today:
  • three little muntjac deer
  • a stoat or a weasel - scampering around the tree stumps and then standing up to look at us like a meerkat
  • more than a dozen handsome horses, out for an early morning rides with their owners
  • a bunny disappearing into the bushes
  • caterpillars dangling from the beech trees 
But mainly I was relishing in the company, and in the blueness of the sky above the beech trees.
Green trees, blue skies
Epping Forest - across Chingford Plain


  1. The walk made me feel much more clear headed and things were better after.
    It was a lovely morning.

  2. Old Country Lore:

    A weasel is weasely identified because a stoat is stoatally different.

  3. I have spent the morning doing admin planning for school clubs and school anniversary preparations. And now I am making jam tarts for a kids' craft afternoon. I'd rather have been walking.

  4. Such beautiful pictures. I need to get out more...! K x

  5. wow..gorgeous pictures!!! I just love those all pictures..especially the purple flower are looking beautiful. Thanks for this great post.


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