Saturday, 28 May 2011

The sleepover dolls

O is beside herself with hysteria very excited to be going away for her first sleepover with a friend this half term.  I do hope her friend's mum knows what she's letting herself in for - the girls have already told us that 'the last thing you do on a sleepover is sleep'.

So to mark this important childhood milestone I decided to make the Sleepover Pals from Hillary Lang's beautiful Wee Wonderfuls book.  The pattern is for three cute, squashy dolls in a triple sleeping bag.  I decided that as O's friend has a younger sister, I'd make the three dolls for the three girls, but make three separate quilts rather than the triple sleeping bag - that way they each have a doll and quilt to keep afterwards.

I am ridiculously, insanely pleased with how they've turned out.  They look just like the ones in Hillary's book, which is very gratifying, and the matching quilts make me very happy indeed.

Bella's doll, with her quilt

Livvy's doll with her quilt

Alana's doll with her quilt

Three sleepover dolls

The pattern came together very quickly and easily.  Each doll took me about an hour to make from start to finish - including the embroidered faces.  Each quilt took me about the same amount of time.  The quilts are made from twelve 4" squares layered with batting and a flannel back, sewn around the edge, turned right way out and top stitched all the way round to close the gap.  I did them this way because I just couldn't find the enthusiasm to bind them - this is a much simpler solution.

I love this book so much - Hillary's writing is really clear and funny.  Her enthusiasm shines through on every page, and each project has full sized pattern pieces and delicious, crisp photos.  I can't wait to make more from it.

Alana doll

O is enchanted, and I am enchanted that she and her friend and her friend's little sister, are still young enough to be enthusiastic about this sort of sewing.  Long may it continue, because I love sewing dolls.  After I'd taken the photos I wanted, O set up a tea party for the three sleepover girls.

Sleepover dolls having a tea party

Sleepover dolls having a tea party

I don't know about you, but I think these sleepover dolls don't look like the sort of girls to tuck themselves up nice and early and get straight to sleep.  They look more like the sort of girls who will stay up late chatting, nibbling chocolate, reading magazines and books to each other, giggling and doing each other's hair.  I'm sure they'll all have plenty of fun.

Sleepover dolls and quilts


  1. These are dear. i love the impishness of their facial expressions, captured with such simplicity!

  2. N They're beautiful!!! I want one!! x

  3. Just lovely:) I have this book too, but haven't yet made anything. These would be perfect for a little friend's birthday which is coming up....I should get started!

  4. Super-sweet! And don't kids love toys that come with accessories, like those quilts. Love the fabrics!

  5. Oh they're wonderful! I can't believe how quickly you got them all sewn up. And I agree they don't look a bit sleepy!

    K x

  6. oh they are adorable. just off to collect Miss K from a sleepover, but I think it might have been a talk about boys and makeupover....

  7. What a wonderful idea Im sure the girls and their new little friends are going to have a fantastic time an excellent little trio...'love Jan xx

  8. They look wonderful. I still remember going away when about 8 and finding a home made doll tucked into my bag when I unpacked - a wonderful memory for O for years to come.

  9. These are sooooooo adorable. What a lovely thing to do. I wish I'd thought of something like that for my girl's first sleepover. The way she was just cooing over these thought makes me think she'd welcome them now. We like O's watch too. Just like ours. Karen

  10. They are so sweet - and the quilts are beautiful!

    Pomona x

  11. I am impressed that it took you only one hour to complete each doll. It took me the last hour to attach two buns of hair! :)

  12. Hello. I saw your blog link on Pomona's blog and popped over to have a look (because I like your blog name - it intrigued me) and have been digging through your archives - way back to your first post - which sounds a bit odd, I suppose. Like I have nothing else to do but read blogs. (But I woke very early this morning and so have had the time to sit and read.)

    Anyway, I've just realised you are French. And how lovely is that. My boys live in France with their father - I used to as well - and well, it strikes a chord I guess.

    And then I followed you on Twitter although I am useless at Tweeting so I have no idea why I did that.

    Well I am rambling now. Sorry. Just wanted to introduce myself. And tell you that I think you have a cracking blog.

  13. I want a sleepover! I love the dolls and their quilts, so sweet!
    I must start sewing again-your beautiful bags have inspired me (I forgot to say how much I LOVE the different coloured zips-sigh)and they have been put to good use this weekend...I am planning on making some simple shoe and laundry bags for Juliet as a simple project to start (again)

    I didn't know you were french....heehee.x

  14. I just stumbled into your blog by way of Fraise L., and what do I find but darling dolls to further inspire my own efforts in that direction!


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