Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Midweek colour

Seen on the tube:
  • a tall, willowy young woman with bleached-white hair cut in a thick fringe, carrying an enormous pink leopard-print bag
  • a man in open-toed sandals, trying not to sneeze
  • 3 men with brown, soft-leather messenger bags
  • a young woman with bright purple tights and 3 inch heels poking out from under her black burqa
  • a man wearing a beautifully cut brown suit
Seen (and smelt) at Kew Gardens:
  • pink roses
  • red roses
  • peachy roses
  • yellow roses
  • big blowsy roses
  • white roses
  • and a small selection of aphids and ladybirds - because nobody's perfect, not even the roses at Kew Gardens.
Roses at Kew

Roses at Kew

Roses at Kew

Roses at Kew

Roses at Kew

Roses at Kew


  1. Oooh you took some gorgeous photos! And I still can't get over how lemony some of the roses smelled. Such a fab day :)

    K x

  2. good grief, roses already.... no sign of them here....

  3. The second one, the second one - is it Gentle Hermione? Because if it is, we have it too and it smells like Turkish delight.

    The roses have literally burst into flower this week.

  4. I'm sunburnt! I have a White bit in the shape of my necklace!

    Love your pics. I felt inspired to garden when I got home and started by cutting the grass, which was long overdue.

  5. Sunburn? It's thrown it down here most of today. Pah.


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