Thursday, 1 September 2011

10 things

  • I have now been married for six days and I find I like being married very much.
  • We stopped off on our journey home from France at a small village called Camiers, in the Baie de Somme.  We visited St C├ęcile Plage for some fresh air and exercise after spending all day in the car, and the family was divided along boy-girl lines about whether the sideways wind, whipping in from the Atlantic, was bracing and energising, or just plain miserable and cold.
  • Newly-wedded bliss on the beach!
  • It is knitting season again for me - I have picked up all those half-finished projects from earlier in the year and am looking forward to some quality autumn television to keep me company in the evenings while I knit.
  • C has been learning all about Spam from his favourite podcast, Stuff You Should Know.  He has been listening to this podcast for a couple of years and has the most incredible and eclectic general knowledge as a result.  The Spam episode really intruigued him and he has been begging me for weeks to buy him a tin and let him experiment.  He made us Spam burgers for lunch on Tuesday and has declared he wants to work his way through the whole recipe section of the website.  Despite this alarming development, I'd still really recommend the podcast for any curious young people you know.
  • Spam
  • To compensate for the arrival of Spam in the house, I have been roasting vegetables.  Last night we had this roasted butternut squash on top of a cottage pie instead of the usual mashed potato.  Very good.
  • Roast squash
  • I brought some lovely French notebooks and coloured pencils home with me.  I really love this post from Joanne about how to pluck up the courage to use a pristine new notebook.
  • This is my new handcream of choice.  My hands need annointing with a great deal of handcream in order not to become scaly, itchy paws.  This one has a beatiful tube, smells lovely and does the job very well.
  • C starts secondary school next week.  He is very excited and has learnt how to tie his tie.  I am charging my camera ready to take loads of First Day Photos.  I still love the ones I took of his first day at primary school so many years ago.
  • I have a great many baking plans for the next couple of weeks, to ease the transition back to school for C and O.  My parents gave me these silicone madeleine moulds for my birthday so madeleines will be first on my list; I love their little shell shapes.  Nigella Lawson has a recipe for rosewater scented madeleines in Domestic Goddess which sound wonderful.
  • Silicone Madeleine bun tins
  • Moss Stitch and I are itching to get back to our weekday walks.  We are meeting up this week to Make Plans.


  1. Ooh, autumn TV. Why is it always better? It's like the BBC suddenly discovers a whole load of amazing series that they'd forgotten about and shoves them all on in one go. I suppose I could accept that it's faintly possible that viewing figures improve when it's dark and cold outside...

    Looking forward to the return of weekday walks!

  2. Love G's grumpy Frenchman impression! and am delighted that you are enjoying wedded bliss!

    I totally get the post about christening new notebooks too-never again will piles of lovely books sit gathering dust.


  3. Lovely post :-)

    Nigella's madeleines are indeed yummy, but I find they need a lot more rosewater than she says.Mind you, I would probably drink rosewater given half a chance so I may not be the best benchmark.

  4. I'm a French notebook addict and am convinced that they make the nicest markers on the market! And have you seen the cute ink cartridge pens they sell for school children? Really fun, if inky.

  5. Love the idea of stuff you should know website but not so sure about spam :-) Mind you if I tried to give my boys squash instead of mash on cottage pie there would be a riot. They still recoil at the thought of my butternut squash risotto - their worst meal EVER.

  6. Thank you for reminding me to check if youngest can tie her tie. She can't and she starts secondary school on Wednesday. I will delegate tie-tying lessons to younger son.

    I'm secretly rather fond of Spam.


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