Monday, 26 September 2011

The University Parks and the teapot

A weekend in Oxford, visiting family, resulted in us driving back down the M40 on Sunday evening with windfall apples, wrapped birthday presents, an enormous jar of fig jam and a new teapot in the boot of the car. 

On Saturday afternoon G and I dropped the children off with their cousins for a couple of hours, and we headed for the University Parks, one of my favourite places in Oxford.  This has been a good year for berries - the bushes and trees were absolutely laden with them.  If you know of any hungry birds, tell them there's a feast on at the Parks.


Berry tree in the University Parks



We strolled around the Parks, admiring some very energetic games of tennis on the playing fields, and then we headed northwards, following the river back into the city.  Along the river there were the most elegant swans, a few punts, and some beautiful trees.

Punting past Parson's Pleasure

River Isis, in the Oxford University Parks
The river Isis, in Oxford

Weeping willow in the University Parks
Weeping willow by the University Parks

On the way back to pick up the children we walked through Wolfson College, and I had lawn envy.  They don't have moulting chickens and drifts of fallen leaves on their lawn.  They have croquet hoops and neat stripes from the mower.

Wolfson College croquet lawn
Wolfson College's beautiful croquet lawn

And this morning I find myself back in London, looking at these photos to see if the berries really were that red, and to see if the parks really were that beautiful with autumn colour.  They were.  I've turned the windfalls into stewed apple, hidden the presents, made plans for the fig jam and made the first pot of tea in the new teapot.

It was a very good weekend.

Oxford University Parks
The Oxford University Parks

Lavender teapot (and sweet matching milk jug)
My new teapot (with sweet little matching milk jug)


  1. It is a good year for berries. The hedgerows in Hampshire were glowing red for miles.

  2. Your new teapot and jug are beautiful! Lucy x

  3. That new teapot is lovely! Glad you had a good weekend :D

  4. What a day of coincidences. First Jane Brocket was talking about a painting I went to see at the weekend and now you are talking about a place I was reading about last night. The House in Norham Gardens by Penelope Lively -an old childhood favourite and my third Oxford book in a row, preceded by Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers and The Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.

  5. Oh what a beautiful pot! and the jug is very sweet x

  6. I've spent the last few weeks looking out of my office window watching birds strip the berries off a tree. They're almost all gone now.

  7. Excuse me while I turn green! I miss Oxford, hugely, and while I am sure it's 90% nostalgia, you took photos that remind me of hours and hours spent in the Parks (and not being allowed to take our bikes through even though it was a short cut from college to the Science Park). Sigh.


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