Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Gaming boys

This weekend it became apparent that the sweet little baby in the picture below, dozing in his father's lap, can now whup his father at pretty much any computer game he chooses.

Gaming boys - 1999
Gaming boys - November 1999
The baby is also incredulous that his father had so much hair and games consoles required wires in 1999.  That's, like, so weird.


  1. Bless!! I hadn't met you or C then!! Such a widdy little thing!! x

  2. Is that an issue of The Idler on the coffee table?

  3. Brilliant picture. We have similar ones with hair and wires and real telephones. Wonder what it will be like when our boys are dads too? Your new header is fabulous. Very smily.

  4. I remember our very first TV remote had a long tangly wire.

    Cute picture!

  5. ah yes, photos with hair, our children look at those with bemusement too xox


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