Wednesday, 28 September 2011

10 things

  • The phrase "she'd lose her head if it wasn't screwed on" is a cliché, but it could have been written for O.  She has managed to lose two school sweaters, one lunchbox, a piece of homework and two letters home since the start of term.  I am beyond exasperated.
  • Since the beginning of this week, O now has to wear glasses.  A second pair is on order because surely it's only a matter of time before she loses them?
  • I made tiffin.  It is evil stuff.  If it is in the house I must eat it.  Simple.
  • Tiffin in the tin
    Tiffin in the tin
  • My apple allergy seems to have disappeared.  In the last week I have eaten three apples with no ill-effect.  I haven't tried peaches or apricots yet, which give me a much stronger allergic reaction.  I might go and sit in the car park of the local A&E and eat a peach, just to see.
  • One of the reasons I married G was for his calm spider-removing skills.  He is busy at the moment because they are everywhere
  • Sainsbury's now sells paper loaf tin liners, which is great news because that's even handier than popping down to the new branch of Lakeland which has opened just one tube stop away.  I don't need to make Evil Tiffin any more, I shall make cherry loaf cakes instead.
  • Loaf tin liners
    Loaf tin liners
  • Both C and O have their birthdays next month.  Also my brother and my nephew.  I have not given this any thought at all, which is probably a mistake.
  • I am knitting, but not sewing much at the moment.  I need to work out how I can find more time to sew, because I miss it and I want to start on a wedding quilt.
  • Two cats down our street are loving this scorching hot Indian Summer.  They were blissed out on the pavement this morning, smiling at the sunshine.
  • Sunbathing cats down our street
    Sunbathing cats, down our street this morning
  • I must never, ever cut my own fringe again.  Lesson learned.


  1. You made me laugh -specially the fringe thing. Yep, done that. I amde a tiffin type thing (I call it chocolate biscuit cake) when my lot were camping. Needless to say I ate the lot.

  2. The photo of the cats made me laugh - they are just asleep arent they?!?

  3. LOL!! I cut my own fringe all the time!! Have you been to Asda lately? they've really upped their baking range in a big way :o) I always tell people about you sitting outside A&E with C eating his first peanut butter sandwich! :o)

  4. That's a great list. Hope your fringe grows quickly! Lucy x

  5. So you think leaning over and attacking the back with a very sharp pair of scissors may not after all be the best solution- more attractive as it becomes by the day and still no appointment made...

  6. What have you done?
    I'm just not sure if I can walk around this weeks market with you now!
    You should have said - I'd have cut it!
    I call my version of tiffin, rocky road.

  7. I used to think I had an allergy to plums, turned out it was an allergy to the spray that was used on them.

  8. Ah yes, I have an in house spider catcher too. Worth their weight in gold. Evil leggy things. Grr. I do not have issues with smacking the crap out of spiders, I'm afraid. They just come back in with their extended leggy spider families and settle in for the winter.Bah!

  9. I am trying hard to get over my fear of spiders. Last weekend I spent half a day up in an apple tree picking and kept calming myself down as there were little spiders EVERYWHERE.
    I like the loaf tin liners. They could be just the thing I need to get me back into bread baking mood.

  10. Oh I love your ten things! Could relate to most of them, but most definitely the fringe cutting and tiffin (called chocolate crunch in our house) eating. I know both are a bad, bad idea but I always think that "it'll be OK this time" ....

  11. Don't you worry. Just give me a call whenever you make tiffin, and I'll come and eat it all for you.

  12. The cats are classic!
    I haven't had many spiders in the house lately -- but the garden is overflowing. You remind me that I want to take a picture of one of those giant garden spiders before winter comes on....


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