Monday, 26 December 2011

10 Christmas things

On the tree
  • The decorations and tree were all packed away this morning.  I enjoy feeling Christmassy during Advent, but once it's over, it's over.  The house feels so spacious and tidy without the tree!  Every year it reminds me of this book - a favourite with C and O when they were little.
  • I have left the jugs of holly and ivy up on the mantelpiece.  They feel wintry rather than Christmassy.
  • A jug of holly and ivy
  • I like this week between Christmas and New Year very much indeed - there is a feeling of time being suspended; the pause button being on.  Rules are relaxed and things are more free-form.   
  • I made a wallet for my new Kindle.  It is padded with quilt wadding, so that I can drop the Kindle into my satchel without fear of it being scratched or turning itself on.
  • Kindle case
    Padded wallet for my Kindle
  • I love the juxtaposition of grey, functional, electronic gadgets and bright fabric cases.  My phone, my laptop, my camera and my iPod all live in padded sleeves like this.
  • There is good cooking to be done in this holiday week.  At lunchtime we had a glorious Boxing Day soup of leek and potato with some of the leftover roast chicken from yesterday.  I also used the leftover giblet stock and a slug of champagne that we somehow failed to finish yesterday.  There is no other time during the year when I would put champagne in soup.
  • Tomorrow's cooking will focus on the leftover sausagemeat stuffing.  I always make about twice what I think we will need so that we will have some spare.  I think this year it will end up in a spicy tomato and pepper stew.
  • As well as my Kindle I also received some actual books for Christmas - River Cottage Veg Everyday is as wonderful as I hoped it would be.  Once all the leftover chicken and stuffing is finished, I shall be turning my attention back to vegetable-based meals which is how we eat most of the time.
  • I love not getting up until the sun has risen - it feels incredibly decadent.
  • We're still eating (and baking) mince pies.  Everyone in this house loves mince pies.
Mince pies - nearly as good as my mother's


  1. I packed up our tree and decorations this morning too. The flat feels sooo spacious!

    Happy Holidays!

    K x

  2. I know what you mean about the tree, but I need to enjoy ours for a few more days yet.
    And all that eating has left me craving lots and lots of vegetables.

  3. Wow!! thats quick to get your deccies put away I know what you mean though we normally take ours down New Years Day but sooner would be good - lol

  4. leftover soup is my favourite, perfect for the lazy days in the run up to New Year.

  5. We can cook along with each other this year - I got the same book.

    Our decorations stay up the whole 12 days - for me, the time after Christmas, when everyone has a little time, is by far the best bit.

  6. I'm with the Coffee Lady. Our tree and decorations will say up until Epiphany, when I shall be very sorry to see them go. Maybe this year I shall make something special to take their place?


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