Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wide winter skies

The skies over Epping Forest this afternoon were beautiful. 

Epping Forest skies

Epping skies

Epping skies

Epping skies

Epping skies

Oaks and skies

O and I walked.  C leaped over ditches and streams.  G ran.

Livvy's boot

Leaping over water

Slightly derranged after a fast run
Delighted that his wife is making him pose for a photo when he is sweaty and mad because he has just run A Very Long Way

Everybody happy.


  1. We had a big walk today too. Just what we all needed, and just the right excuse to them come home and make a yule log. Ha!

  2. You are right - such amazing skies. But I am still in hibernation mode.


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