Sunday, 18 December 2011


Crows in the sky by Snaresbrook Crown Court
Crows in the sky

Wide mid-morning skies
Mid morning in Epping Forest, at Leytonstone

Even at this time of year - just a few days shy of the shortest day - and when even at 11am it doesn't feel as though the sun has quite risen yet, there is still plenty of colour around if you take a moment to look for it.

Green broom
Vivid green broom

Yellow gorse

Golden grasses
Golden grasses

Red berries

But the brightest colours in Epping Forest this morning were on O, who darted from tree to tree creating flashes of colour like an oversized parrot. 

A flash of 9-year-old pink among the bare trees

She decided to wear red tights under her little shorts and huge pink coat. 


Her favourite pinky-purple hat which Granny knitted is really too small now, but she wears it anyway. 


And her silver and green walking boots, worn with purple socks, set everything off nicely.

Her walking boots


  1. I think Granny must knit another hat for Livvy!

  2. What a stylish daughter you have... she looks fabulous!

  3. She looks fab. Bet her knees were cold though!


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