Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Victoriana shawl

Another small shawl is on the knitting needles. 

Shawl progress

This time it's one which I have named the Victoriana shawl, from this Ravelry pattern.  These shawls are the perfect sized knitting project for me; small and quick enough for me not to get bored, and practical and pretty enough to spur me on to finish them.

Victoriana shawl

I can lose hours of my life at a time searching Ravelry for other small shawl (sometimes charmingly called shawlette) patterns.  I also like these ones very much:
Someone else I know has a shawl obsession going on at the moment, although hers are crocheted and the patterns look much more fiendish than the ones I have chosen.  It is the season for shawls, clearly.

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  1. oh so lovely, I've had the little house one on my faves list for a while. currently also dreaming of shaelyn and haruni, but needs to finish my evas shawl first.....


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