Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Festive thoughts

Festive cheer, overheard in the very long queue at the Hackney Post Office today:
  • "I just hope she was dead before they decided to cut her in half."
  • "The Government just want us to suffer.  They robbed our money so they can buy Christmas presents for their own families."
  • "Life's tough."
  • "I wanna do something sooner or later, but you know, on my medication I am a bit unpredictable."
  • I've sent everybody Christmas cards telling them I'm not buying anyone any Christmas presents this year."
  • "I was on everything, man - smoking this and smoking that - I was just so stressed."
  • "There's not a lot of us left."
  • "I like making friends in queues.  Better than real friends, y'know."
  • "This country's gone to the dogs.  Everything's so hard, man."
  • "I'm not saying everything's bleak - don't get me wrong - but the world is just full of so much evil."
  • "See, this is what I like about Hackney, innit.  Chatting to people in the Post Office queue always cheers me up."

The Hackney Empire
Photo of Hackney Empire, just along the road from the Post Office, by Fin Fahey on Flickr.  Used under the Creative Commons license.


  1. Fanbloodytastic Nancy. As funny as an episode of Rev if not funnier. Thank you so much.

  2. Classic.

    The PO is a laugh at the moment...I've been there every day for the last week (bar Sunday of course) and it's so busy the queue is constantly out the door....it's like a big old party though...everyone chatting and laughing. The noise level is mind-spinning.

    And I agree with Sue - your snippets could be right out of Rev. Love that show.

  3. ooh I do love a post office queue!! LOL

  4. Hilarious. Thanks for the list!

  5. That's brilliant! Although I hate the daily queue at the post office this near to Christmas it is a lot more sociable than my usual run in, quick hello to PO staff and dash out.

  6. Brilliant :-D.

    My favourite PO experience is of the time my son (then aged about four) managed to wait patiently with me in an only moderately long queue in a small post office while the couple behind us moaned and griped and were generally impatient.As soon as we got out I told my son how proud I was of him :-D.

  7. Ha! Priceless!! Nothing so funny happens in the PO here. I live in a little village and there is rarely a queue, even at Christmas. how boring is that!

  8. I loved this post - really tickled me. The mind boggles at what some were talking about!

  9. Love, love reading this. That's good stuff. Better than fiction! Doesn't it just make you wonder?!


  10. My goodness! I do love 'ear wigging'! I am intrigued about the first comment!!!


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