Tuesday, 7 August 2012

10 things

There's so much fizzing about my head at the moment.
  • Cam came back from yesterday's Closing Ceremony rehearsal covered in blue body paint.
  • He has been rehearsing with some Very Famous People and is not remotely star-struck.  I am though.
  • I have finished my first crochet project.  What started off as a blanket, morphed into a shawl, and then eventually ended up as a scarf - because I had become so bored with making Granny Squares.  I love the final article though.  Full details on Ravelry.
  • Purple squares student scarf
  • Becoming a nurse means that I have to have a whole range of vaccinations.  Most of these vaccinations require blood tests first, to see what levels of antibodies I have for those particular diseases.
  • This means that I have been stuck full of needles today, and have loads more to come over the next month.  I have a sore, bruised arm and am now very sympathetic towards patients who require endless blood tests and injections.
  • I've made a rhubarb and orange cake today.  It smells very good indeed.
  • I've downloaded the Isles of Wonder soundtrack, and it is much better than the grumpy review in The Guardian would have you believe.  It is quite wonderful in fact, and takes me back to the euphoria of the Opening Ceremony in an instant.
  • I have been doing anatomy homework before I start University.  Did you know that the proper, anatomical name for your big toe is hallux?
  • We're off to the Olympic Park again tomorrow - this time to see a whole morning of athletics.  Absolutely cannot wait.  We will be seeing Mo Farah in the 5,000 m heats.
  • I never saw Downton Abbey when it was on the tele.  I have now got Series 1 from LoveFilm and can see what all the fuss was about.  The costumes and the hair are quite as wonderful as Maggie Smith.


  1. Your poor arm, am not good with needles, nurses can never find veins in my arms which is a bit of a nuisance. We are both big Downton fans in this house, thought it was fabulous.Can't wait to watch the closing ceremony now, although sad to see end of the olympics, has been truly fabulous, Go Team GB!

  2. Very impressed with your crochet. I've finally had to admit I'm completely hopeless at it! How is the anatomy homework going? The student nurses always used to say anatomy was the hardest course. Hope your arm is feeling much better soon and have fun tomorrow! K x

  3. Journalists, whilst appearing to revel in the glory of the Games, seem to be intent on finding something to nit-pick about. On Saturday it was 'rate the commentators'...... whilst not being huge sports fans in general (ie football!), our experience of the Olympics has been hugely enhanced by their background knowledge and their infectious enthusiasm and obvious (hardly contained at times!) enthusiasm. That said, I would have to put Ian Thorpe on a pedastal - what a star...

  4. ok a list of my own because I've just been catching up with your news:
    - nursing? how fantastic! good luck, what an exciting move
    - I'm very jealous of when you live right now, must be exhilarating
    - I can't believe your son will participate in the closing cerimony... brilliant

  5. ooh rhubarb and orange cake, yum hoped it helped your sore arm! Very Exciteda about tonights ceremony, will look out for blue people! xxx

  6. Just came to your blog via The Quince Tree, really enjoyed some older posts.
    As an ex nurse, I really do hope you remember to keep the needs of the elder and more frail patient in mind. I was a very 'old school' nurse and was very dismayed at the attitude of some of the young nurses who I worked with at the end of my working career.
    Saying that, all the very best..I loved it...such a fulfilling feeling.
    Take care


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