Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Here and now

The last two Olympic weeks were extraordinary, and glorious. Cam had a wonderful time at the Closing Ceremony, and although the BBC didn't show much of his bit on their coverage of the ceremony, he didn't care.  He had seen Usain Bolt and The Pet Shop Boys, had his photo taken with loads of soldiers, high-fived an armed police officer (he found this even more exciting than seeing Usain Bolt, I think) and, best of all, had his name and photo in the official programme. 

Olympic cast member
Olympic cast member

Here is a clip of his section from YouTube - if you pay very close attention you will glimpse a few seconds of the children in blue between about 3 mins 30 and 4 mins!

I went to school to collect him at 11pm on Sunday evening.  All the parents applauded the children as they came off the bus, still in full costume and make up, and all as high as kites. We thanked the teachers too, who had given up so much of their own time to chaperone the children these past few months.

Cam with wings
Home from the Closing Ceremony - demonstrating his moves

The next day, he wore the sparkly blue tracksuit to walk round to our friends' house to feed their hens.  I think this was done purely to embarass Olivia.  Now he knows how much she dislikes the outfit, I'm sure he'll be wearing it more often (or perhaps threatening to...it is very bright...).

Water nymph and his sister

The Olympics are now over - but our summer still continues.

Right now I am drinking coffee and listening to the children potter about upstairs.  Olivia is lying on her bed, reading new library books and a new copy of The Beano, whilst smoothing down her new fringe.  Cam is lounging on some cushions on his bedroom floor, reading his Kindle and starting conversations with anyone who walks past about Minecraft.  I am wearying of discussions about Minecraft.

The hens in the garden are stretched out, sunbathing, and ignoring next door's cat who is lying on top of the fence, glaring at them.

I've just hung out a load of washing, and my fingers smell of tomato leaves because I always run my hands through the leaves as I walk past the plants.

When I've written this blog post I will spend a couple of hours in the kitchen - making a batch of yogurt, baking some biscuits and making a chicken salad for the children to eat for lunch tomorrow while I spend a couple of hours at the hospital helping out with other people's lunchtime.

We are having an ordinary sort of week - quietly productive and very satisfying.  I know that come September when the children are back at school and I am at University full-time there won't be any more weeks like this for a long time.

Olivia's had a fringe cut in
New haircut for Olivia


  1. I like the fringe! So glad Cam enjoyed the ceremony. Tell him we all loved watching it. What is it with Minecraft? It's so 'blocky'! All these games with sophisticated graphics and they like blocks.

  2. there is a lot to be enjoyed within an ordinary week, enjoy the simple pleasures in it! xxx

  3. Waterloo sunset was my favourite song and I did wonder if your blue boy was in there somewhere! Thanks for your Olympic coverage, which i enjoyed every bit as much as the BBC version! Enjoy these last days- you'll be looking back at them wistfully like Wordsworth at his daffodils!

  4. How exciting for Cam. I am sure your son and mine must be kindered spirits - first warhammer now minecraft - I cant believe how such a basic looking game is soooo addictive???? Loving Olivias new haircut makes her look sooo grown up (and a lot more like you)

  5. I am a hundred years old. Minecraft? never heard of it!
    The children both look FAB, Olivia and her shiny new fringe and Cam in his spangly trackie.
    Enjoy the next couple of weeks, and take it steady!x

  6. It's the summer of Minecraft here too. "Mummy, look at my pyramid. Which house would you like? Shall I give you a guided tour?" My powers of enthusiasm are wearing a bit thin.

    So glad to have seen Cam's sparkly blue outfit - we were watching out for him but missed the blue people totally.

    And top fringe Livvy - it suits you!

  7. I love the fringe, was thinking of getting one myself in a couple of weeks when it's cooler.
    I'm going back to watch your clip again to see the sparkly tracksuits.
    Relax and enjoy the next few weeks, you're going to love your new chapter.
    Take care

  8. how exciting for Cam! I told EVERYBODY that my friend's son was part of the closing celebrations... (sorry, hope you're still my friend..)

    we're pottering about here too... I like it.


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