Sunday, 5 August 2012


We all have different ways of assuaging the guilt that comes with watching hour after hour of television.  The Olympics has been so entertaining and exciting that we have probably watched more television in the last week than we have in the whole year so far.

  • Graham does his pilates exercises on the floor in front of the television
  • Olivia makes cardboard medals to put up in the window - one for each medal that Team GB wins.  Some days it has been very hard for her to keep up.

  • Keeping up with the medals
    Medals in the window
  • I am studying anatomy.  I have holiday homework to do before I start at University in September.


  • Cam is watching the least television of any of us, because every few days he has day-long rehearsals for the Closing Ceremony.  In tomorrow's rehearsal he has to wear make-up.  He's rather alarmed about that.
Men's time triall
Moving from our front room to the pub to watch Bradley Wiggins win GOLD in the men's time trial


  1. University? What's all this?

  2. Make up? Poor boy, he'll be scarred for life! Have you learnt about anna phylactic yet?!!

  3. I bet he can't wait. I'm guessing you're been given tickets to go and see him. If it's anything like the opening ceremony we're in for another treat.

    And belated congratulations on your nursing course. How exciting.

  4. I know it's the most tenuous of tenuous links but I'm terribly excited that someone I blog-know's son is taking part in the closing ceremony. I may mention it more than once on Sunday.

    I hardly ever watch television and having meals in front of the television is a rare treat but I can't remember the last time we sat at the table to eat because as soon as we start watching we just can't pull ourselves away. I think the coverage on the BBC has been excellent and I'm not feeling in the least bit guilty - I almost feel it is my patriotic duty to watch as much as I can.


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