Monday, 27 August 2012

10 things

  • I was going to make a mixed berry cake. The children said they would do it for me. They separated the bowl of mixed blueberries and redcurrants into two piles and turned it into a Union Jack cake.
  • Iced Union Jack cake by Cam & Livvy
  • Yesterday we celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  First anniversaries have the theme of paper, so Graham gave me an anatomy colouring book, which I have been longing for ever since I first applied for my nursing course.
  • Anatomy homework
  • I start three weeks today.  THREE WEEKS!
  • Tess has fueled the excitement further still, by sending me this wonderful Ladybird book as a Good Luck present.  I adore all the 70s and 80s uniforms in it, and desperately wish that an old-fashioned nurse's cape with red sashes was part of my uniform.
  • Present from Tess
    I want to wear a cape like this
  • I have four litres of homemade chicken stock sitting in the fridge, after roasting a chicken on Saturday - two litres of giblet stock, and a further two litres from the carcass of the bird. I am compiling a list of favourite soups, which is getting longer by the minute.
  • Although, actually, I think really good chicken stock is best used in risottos, where its flavour can shine through.
  • I have a long list of favourite risottos too.
  • I finally found the pink aircell blanket that Olivia had as a baby, and bound it like the blue ones I did last winter.
  • Bound blanket
  • I am reading Almost French, by Sarah Turnbull and enjoying it enormously.  She writes with both love and honesty about living in Paris.  I'd love to live in Paris.
  • London is pretty wonderful though.  There is a growing sense of expectation about The Paralympics, which start in just two days' time.  Olivia is the only one in our family who has tickets this time (she is going with school) - and the rest of us are all rather envious.


  1. Love these posts. We have been doing pretty similar things -in the kitchen at least. A berry cake and lots of stock and soups here too but no anatomical colouring or paralympic tickets. Happy anniversary.

  2. Just thinking how much nursing has changed since that Ladybird book was written! Good luck :D

    Apple Jelly making happening here, if I don't burn it ... must away back to the stove :)

  3. I had that book as a child and went on to become a nurse - I got to wear the cloak so that shows my age somewhat! Enjoy the next three weeks of (relative) peace. Love the cake, too!

  4. Ross & Wilson was around in my day, although not the colouring workbook, looks like more fun to learn from though... No hat or cape, but I did have a beautiful silver buckle on qualifying, although I wouldnt be able to get it fastened now!
    Love the childrens berry cape the idea of binding the baby blankets.


  5. Ooh - coincidentally we had left over roast chicken risotto for supper just now. It hit the spot on a damp and increasingly dark evening.

    I daresay you could rock a cape even if it isn't an official part of the uniform any more.

  6. Love these, and good luck with nursing school. Wow! And now I want risotto.

  7. Brilliant anniversary gift - and that on top of hoovering under the bed!

    Risotto is a favourite here too, the top three being oven-baked courgette risotto (Bill Granger), Cauliflower risotto and Borlotti bean and pancetta risotto (both Jamie Oliver). I could eat all three right now.

  8. Hang on. You didn't say it was a COLOURING book! I want one!

  9. happy anniversary! perhaps you could sew yourself a red sash anyway.......... xxxx

  10. Yes, showing my age here too..I had a cape!! A friend I worked with at Treliske in Cornwall, still used her gaberdine fitted mac, with her name stitched inside...she is the same age as me!! they used to make things to last in those days!! (it looked lovely and very professional )
    Take care

  11. I've just been catching up on your news - huge congratulations on your place at University, that's so fantastic! And happy anniversary too. Lucy xx


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