Tuesday, 21 August 2012


This summer has a dreamlike quality to it. 

Evening sky

The children are poised between childhood and adolescence - they remind me of wet butterflies, emerging from their chrysalides.  This summer they don't want to go on trips, or have adventures.  They don't want to be entertained.  They want to read, to draw, to lie full length on the sofa and mull over ideas.  These moments of reflection are interspersed with days at friends' houses, or the arrival of friends at our house.  I expect there will never be another summer quite like this one - by this time next year the children will have changed again.

And I know - I really do - that I too am poised on the brink of change.  I sit outside in the evening, listening to Radio 4, and reading books about study skills.

  Reading and radio

The last time I was at University I had never heard of the phrase 'study skills' and every essay was an exercise in winging it.  This time, things seem more professional - I think my essays may be much better structured, and certainly more crafted, as a result.
Triffid tomatoes

I enjoy this stillness, and this reflection.  Perhaps I am picking this up from the children.  There are two weeks of holiday left for them, and just over three weeks for me - plenty of time for more dozing on the sofa, philosophical discussions about Modern Warfare III, baking of cakes and reading of books and kindles.

I am enjoying this unstructured, floaty sort of summer very much.

I like you too
Summer 2012 - I like you too


  1. Very exciting times ahead...hope there is room for you to lounge about on the sofa!!
    Take care

  2. You write so well. I can sense the atmosphere and the calmness, despite that you are doing quite a lot of things. Good luck with your studies.

    I wish I had the opportunity myself, but with a two-year old and another one on the way, I do not think I can handle it for many years. But a bit of self-studying and creative writing excersises are in the cards.

  3. This chimed with me too for many reasons. Studying at a more mature age, shall we say, pays dividends and is much more satisfying than doing it when expected to do it. Perhaps that's just me! I shall have to go and read more to find out why you will be discussing Modern Warfare III now!! Axxx


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