Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The cake is a lie

After watching the first episode in the new series of The Great British Bake Off last night, Cam combined his two favourite pastimes of cooking and computer games and baked a Portal-themed 'reveal' cake this afternoon.

I have no idea what these references mean, and neither will you if you have not played Portal.  But Cam was chuckling to himself in a knowing way at all stages of his cake-making, and had very precise ideas about the cake's shape, colour and message.  So I presume if you were a teenage boy you'd get it.

And here it is in all its geeky glory - The Grand Portal Reveal Cake:

The Portal reveal cake, by Cam
"The cake is a lie"

Cam's Portal cake
Orange and blue marbled sponge inside
I think the most important thing in a cake is that it tastes good, and happily this one does - despite the garish colours and sinister message.  It doesn't make me want to play Portal though.


  1. Portal seems to have passed my boys by. I wonder if Tom would like to make a minecraft cake?

  2. I think it is wonderful he has the confidence to get in the kitchen and bake! Lets hope this passion grows!

  3. I am sure that this is exactly what Mary Berry has in mind. Loving the quotation marks.

  4. It's all a foreign language to me...
    Keep baking Cam.
    Take care

  5. ah yes, my children watched bake off with glee too, I wonder what they would want in a cake, lego minifigures?

  6. Lol brilliant the cake looks delicious and better than some of those on the show!

  7. Mysterious message. Might have to ask my husband to check out Portal (he's a geek) :-)


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