Thursday, 9 October 2008

10 things I've learnt from cycling

  1. Wind is far more of an enemy than rain. If it’s windy AND rainy, get the tube.
  2. Like the well brought up girl from Oxford that I am, I believe it is perfectly acceptable to cycle in skirts and cardigans. There is absolutely no need for bike-geek wear (scroll down and be afraid at both the design and the price!). Just remember to wear some tights with your skirt.
  3. I can’t get the bike on the bike rack without getting oil on my hands. No matter how hard I try.
  4. If you take really deep breaths as you cycle through Victoria Park you might get a lungful of something you weren’t expecting. I did this inadvertently the other day, as I rode past a group of lads sitting on a bench, and my head was spinning as fast as the pedals the rest of the way home.
  5. Riding over a shiny conker makes you skid badly.
  6. The strip clubs of Hackney always have broken glass in the road outside them. Hackney seems to have a lot of strip clubs.
  7. The same hill, on different days, can vary between Extremely Steep and Not A Problem.
  8. Not many people cycle through London in a pink fleece and pink high vis jacket like mine. In fact, I don’t think anyone else does. I stand out.
  9. The vast majority of drivers are kind to cyclists. I’ve had no frustrated drivers honking their horns at me. Bus drivers are especially nice.
  10. A bit of fresh air and exercise does you a world of good. I love cycling.


  1. Ha! You really made me laugh, great list Ms List Writer! Lovely photos too. Still waiting for a pic of you in the pink high vis though!!x

  2. ah the perils of cycling - round here if you go round the lake its geese that are the hazards....


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