Sunday, 5 October 2008

Weekend into week

Saturday night in front of Strictly Come Dancing.

Nachos with Nigella's clove-hot chilli from How To Eat were served. Some people admired Austin Healey's dancing prowess from behind a glass or two of pinot grigio.

Sunday morning, at the ironing board. This is what 120, 6-piece, fence rail squares look like. It has taken me an outrageous FIFTEEN years to get to this point.

And here is what 20 of them look like joined together. I am now officially on the Fun Part of the quilt. Still a way to go before the quilt covers our bed, but I'm pretty confident it will be done in less than fifteen years. Before Christmas is even looking likely.

That was the weekend.

This is my week ahead.

  • Source items for birthday party bags.
  • Buy ingredients for the first of FOUR birthday cakes being made in the next fortnight.
  • Finish my skirt at The Make Lounge .
  • Head to the pub with my friend to put the world to rights, and perhaps discuss Austin Healey's biceps over a glass or two of pinot grigio.
  • Meet lots of quarter-end deadlines at work and be nice to the auditors. I have a new role, which I'm loving.
  • Eat one of these muffins as a reward for cycling to and from work in the gusty winds that are forecast again this week. I baked these yesterday and they are not as pretty as Nicole's but they taste amazing.
  • Snipping out two sets of nametapes from too-small shirts and sewing them back in to larger ones. C has outgrown his school shirts and has new ones. C's old ones are being passed down to O. There are piles of blue shirts all over the sitting room. If I don't concentrate I will be snipping names out of the bigger shirts and sewing them into the smaller ones. Very confusing. Perhaps a bit less pinot grigio would be helpful.


  1. My poor son has an older sister and a lazy mother. His school sweatshirts still have his sister's name in. At least his trousers are his own.

  2. Oh I shall be there on Friday!!
    Am soo looking forward to it! Are we cycling? Not in gale force rain tho eh?

  3. yep, my son's sweatshirts have big sisters name in too!
    great progress with the quilt, I guess it was just waiting for the right time.
    love your saturday ritual, we're an x factor household, but I might steal the nachos idea.

  4. You have my sympathies on the name tag thing - I just had pick off all the badges on No2's Scout shirt and sew them on a bigger one!

    Impressive list, as ever!

  5. What a nice weekend you had and what great progress on the quilt. Hope the denim skirt isn't going to take 15 years? I'm dying to see you modelling it with the orange cardi!
    Jane. x

  6. Austin Healey's biceps - and I thought the hot flush I experienced was my age!

    Lazy Mothers unite, my son has the older sister's sweatshirt with name tape - but at 14 and 5'10" I'm sure he'll cope!

  7. And a bit more of Austin? Grrrr!!
    Oh my. He's enough to make anyone swirl around the sitting room.x

  8. I so often leave your blog with a satisfied smile on my face. Nachos look good, and the muffins sound scrumptious. Good 4 u keeping up the biking 2 work on blustery days. :) aah the comforts of a weekend at home!



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