Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Skirts and ribbons – I’m really obsessed now

Here is my new skirt, made at the Make Lounge, to Simplicity pattern 4036. I am so pleased with it – it fits beautifully, it looks well made, and it was quick and easy. The tutor, Kristina Nilsson, was so lovely. She even managed to get everyone confidently inserting concealed zips and putting in darts.

Everyone mentions the vintage ribbon trim – I think it transforms a plain denim skirt into something a bit more quirky. I top stitched it on after the course, and when I was finished I had less than 2cm of ribbon left over. That was a bit too close for comfort!

I wore the skirt to work today and my colleagues were vey kind about it. My boss said the ribbon reminded her of a tarantella skirt she used to wear for ballet as a child. In one of those sudden flashes of understanding, I realised that what she was describing is the very exciting skirt that O will also wear for ballet next term, when she moves up to the next grade. These skirts, which O’s ballet school call character skirts, are long, black and fully circular, with a three ribbon trim in white, bright blue and bright pink. Each week at ballet, O and I admire the older girls twirling and spinning in these fabulous skirts as they wait in the lobby to go into their lessons.

There is a pattern for a circular skirt in an excellent book I have been reading – Ruth Singer’s Sew It Up. Now that I’m on a roll with my skirt making I need to make another one. Shall I attempt a circular skirt for me? I fear that the shape would not suit me as well as an A-line, but think how crazy I could go buying ribbons to trim it!

On the other hand, I saw some charcoal grey, woollen, pinstripe suit fabric at the Cloth House. Made into an A-line skirt, it would look so good for work. But then I’m not convinced that pinstripe would suit a ribbon trim and I’m now rather addicted to ribbon trims….maybe I’ll make O another Oliver + S Lazy Days skirt while I decide.


  1. It looks great on you. Love all that contrasting orange.

  2. It looks fab! I've been contemplating a denim A-line skirt for a while now, as my old favourite is looking a touch too worn for comfort. Perhaps with a ribbon trim...

  3. I love it! Especially the orange trim. Will you go the whole hog and get orange tights? I've become a bit obsessed with coloured tights at the moment...

  4. Yes, Drangonflies idea is great pay Monsoon a visit and get some orange tights!
    The skirt looks lovely it really suits you and the ribbon is lovely on it.
    Jane. x

  5. I'm delurking as your Make Lounge blog admirer, just to say the skirt looks great on you! Great zip photo - it must make you smile that it's concealed but YOU know it's bright orange.

  6. spunky and cute! i'd love to be able to make one of those!


  7. Love your skirt. I just made my first skirt in ages and ages, and am pretty dam pleased with myself.

  8. I love how you finished this skirt with your own embellishments and colored zipper. I just found this pattern in a thrift shop and want to make the longer version altering the design a bit. Thanks for showing us your finished version


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