Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Birthday buddies

Before I had children I thought eventually I’d have three of them, all the same gender and all very close in age. What I ended up with were two children, of different genders, and a pretty big age gap.

When I was expecting O, the thing that occupied my mind the most was how my children would get on. I didn’t have great hopes. That three year age gap, the different gender and, as it turns out, two completely different personalities. I don't think they even look alike – not even slightly. C is fair, with pale skin and bright blue eyes. O has very dark brown hair, with more olive skin and chocolate brown eyes.

But I shouldn’t have made assumptions, because as they have grown up, they have become such a double act. A unit. A pair. A twosome.

And I think much of this stems from the fact that their birthdays are a mere two days apart. C was 9 yesterday and O is 6 tomorrow.

In our family we have a birthday frenzy leading up to the big days, which lasts about six weeks. C and O look through the Lego catalogues together, talk about wishlists together, and co-ordinate between them who will have what sort of cake and who will have which meal for their birthday tea. They think that they have all the twinnish benefits of one mega, doubly-big, birthday bonanza without having to actually share the special day with anyone else. I think they might be right.

Happy birthday my loves! I hope that you continue to share this joint birthday excitement and easy love for each other right into adulthood.


  1. it's so lovely the way they are so close. my two have their birthdays 3 days (and 2 years) apart, and they are just the same, the discussions about presents, parties and cakes are endless, and have started already, even though the have till December to wait........

  2. I ended up with a different family from the one I had "planned" and I worried about age gaps but in th end it seems to be more about how the family are with each other. Love the foot picture! Hope birthdays go well.

  3. What a heartwarming post. Happy Birthdays!

  4. Happy Happy Birthdays to O and C, it's lovely that they are so close. It took my brother and I (3 years apart also) about 20 years to become as close as your two are now!x

  5. awww how lovely - i like the last pic especially :-) mine are one of each and 2 yrs and 10 months apart and finally after 4 years seem to get on and enjoy each others company! (mostly) happy birthday's to C & O !
    Lesley x

  6. Happy Birthdays C and O. Hope you had good ones. Loved the foot photo. Not the family you planned - we knew all about that

  7. What a lovely post. Hope they both had wonderful birthdays. It's great that they get on so well. Hope the aprons went down well at O's party, they must have been so pleased with them.
    Have a good weekend,
    Jane. x


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