Thursday, 2 October 2008

Sewing lesson

Tuesday night’s trip to The Make Lounge for the first part of my Sew a Skirt course was excellent. It came after a strange day at work, when all my colleagues were either working from home, off sick or away on courses. I’d been the only person in my part of the office – just me and my spreadsheets all day.

I think this may have contributed to my slightly eccentric behaviour during the evening. I was so eager to get to The Make Lounge and talk to somebody, that I arrived far too early. Even before the teachers. But Jennifer, the owner of The Make Lounge, was very kind and didn’t seem too perturbed. She asked me if I was ‘the lady with the orange ribbon’ – she’d clicked through to this blog from my booking email and read my post about the insanely gorgeous and expensive vintage ribbon from the Cloth House that I bought to trim the skirt. It was funny to meet someone who already knew my fabric choices!

But even more surreal was that about half an hour later, when all the sensible, on-time people arrived, someone on the crochet course that was also running that evening, turned to me and said “Oh, you’re the List Writer! I’m a huge fan of your blog! I recognise you from your photo!”

This lovely lady, I think, went by the name of Lydia, but I can’t be sure. I was so shocked to meet a complete stranger who reads and enjoys this blog that I didn’t concentrate when she introduced herself. I think I just stared at her and opened and shut my mouth a few times.

I know people visit and comment, but deep down I’m sure that really it’s just my Mum and sister and a handful of friends who read this. And G, when I nag him.

Lydia asked after my cycling and was very sweet about my recent sewing efforts and all the other things I write about. And I just mumbled something incoherent at her. But thank you Lydia (if that is indeed your name!) because you really, truly made my week! People read this – and enjoy it. So odd, but very nice to know.

After all that, my head was really spinning by the time I sat down to cut and sew. I learnt so much though, even with only half my mind on what I was doing. The denim, and the contrasting orange notions I chose, are going to look good I think. I didn’t realise until I started sewing that the denim has a little bit of stretch in it. This can only be a Good Thing and I think will make the skirt fit even better.

I’ve only ever sewn on three sewing machines in my life. When I was a teenager I used the clunky old ones at school, or my mothers even older and clunkier one at home. Then for my 18th birthday I was given the Brother machine I use now. It is a great machine and does everything I need perfectly well, but last night I discovered that there is a whole world of even better sewing machines out there. Machines have really come on in the last 18 years!

When I sew at home, I can’t listen to the radio because my machine is so loud it drowns out any music or chatter – the ones at The Make Lounge purr gently. Oooh, it was like driving a Jaguar when your normal run-around is a beaten up old Mini Metro.

So never mind the pricey ribbon, this might be an even more expensive skirt than I first anticipated…. At the very least, I need to get my machine serviced for the first time in 18 years.


  1. Sounds like you had great fun! have you seen the very cool red sewing machine that John Lewis are doing for £49? Have been trying to convince myself that I need it, and would in fact have time to sew on it. Ha! I still remember being terribly confused in Textiles at school as to how to thread the darn things up in the first place, and that was with tuition!
    Shall stick to baking muffins i think. For now. (It Is Red!!!)

  2. Yes that 'even clinkier machine' was given to me for my 21st birthday! You sound to have had fun and I am not surprised there are lots of people who enjoy reading your blog - i know I do!

  3. Just to let you know that there are people, as far away as the other side of the world, reading and enjoying your blog.

    It is also a comfort, after all the years of teasing about making lists of everything, that somebody else writes lists.

    Enjoy your sewing and keep on blogging.

  4. We're so glad you liked the first part of the course! I'm excited to see what everyone's skirts look like - I only wish I were making one this time around. :)

  5. I put a counter on my blog this week, purely because my sidebar was looking rather draband I wanted a gadget, plus I was a teeny bit interested. Still can't get my head round the fact that nearly 200 people from 18 different countries have looked at it in 4 days!! Where do they all come from? And it's such drivel!
    Defo wouldn't have put a picture of myself on the last post if I'd have known!
    I have to have a least a weekly fix (often more) of your blog, I love it. Keep writing, oh and sewing...baking...Can't wait to see the finished skirt.
    Jane. x

  6. What a great evening, you sound like me always turning up far too early to things as I live in the fear of been late!

    You sometimes forget that you might actually bump into people that read your blog, I was telling someone the other day about something that had happened and she said I know I read your blog!

    Happy sewing

    Vanessa x

  7. I love that you were so suprised to meet a reader of your blog - there are a few of us who like to call in from time to time! Glad the skirt got off to such a great start - and as for a new machine ...well what are you waiting for - any excuse to shop for your sewing - go! go! go!

  8. sounds like a great evening - but come on, where are the pictures of the sewing!!!????!!!


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