Saturday, 25 October 2008

Back to business

In the last few days, the birthday madness has faded and normal life has started to return. This is a good thing.

The sitting room floor is once again covered in tiny snippets of thread.

  • I've made some dolls clothes for O
  • and pieced the top of a quilt for C.
  • I've bought myself a small embroidery hoop and some linen and am going to teach myself how to embroider.

The birthday cakes are (almost) eaten and I am now in a big savoury-baking phase. This week it has been:

  • sundried tomato and mozzarella muffins (you can eat these in person at a very lovely Cotswold cafe)
  • a tomato and herb bread loaf
  • cauliflower cheese

I've made it out of the house as well.

  • I cycled through the crispy leaves in Victoria Park.
  • I went geocaching in Wanstead Park with C & O - amazingly there are still a few caches here that I haven't found.

C and O don't seem to mind the birthday celebrations being over; they have many lovely new toys to play with and are finally on school half-term and now have the time to enjoy them.

This afternoon, O drew these Strictly Come Dancing inspired dresses in readiness for tonight's excitement. However, unlike O, I'm not wondering what dress Tess will be wearing - I am wondering what on earth the costume team will put Mark Foster in this week...!


  1. was Mark Foster actually wearing very much at all last week :-D
    I am so glad its half term as well we all need a quiet week off and then back into the big xmas build up ......
    the tomato and mozzarella muffins sound fab any chance you could post the recipe!
    Lesley x

  2. love the dolls clothes, and those costumes, will think of you watching strictly, whilst we are watching the other side.... what's on the dinner menu tonight?

  3. Please don't tell my husband but I have told him that the bits of thread on the carpet are part of the pattern!

  4. Ooh, yum, I may have to employ you to make them on my behalf on a regular basis!! I have branched out onto apple and cheese ones also, I shall of course bring the recipe on Sunday, seeing as it's you!
    Love the outfit ideas, can see O becoming a costume designer x

  5. The drawings that O did are great, so creative, I love them.
    Oh, I'm sat here with my tummy rumbling and I just want to reach into the computer screen and grab one of those muffins. Please let us have the recipe!! However much I'd love to eat one at No.9, it would work out a very expensive muffin with the fuel costs!!
    Loving O's Clothkits dolly, and great clothes. My old one from the 70's is say very 'Well loved' at the bottom of Imogens bed. I want to get her the ginger one! It's nice to give our daughters the things that we had isn't it?
    Jane. xx

  6. Dolls clothes and quilt are gorgeous. Have a look on my blog for the first big bunch of roses from the garden and yes, they smell lovely.


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