Tuesday, 4 November 2008

10 bags seen on the tube

10 bags seen in one tube carriage between South Woodford and St Paul's, yesterday:
  • 1 plastic laundry bag - stuffed full.
  • 1 orange mesh bag with ribbon trim (very nice ribbon trim - got me thinking...).
  • 1 hippyish, Peruvian, embroidered shoulder bag in turquoise. On shoulder of same woman as the orange mesh bag. She looked fabulous.
  • 1 very battered and squashy, navy, leather bag with buckles.
  • 1 smart and stylish, navy, leather bag with buckles.
  • 2 non-descript, faux-leather handbags.
  • 1 old satchel made from grungy, green plastic.
  • 1 elegant, gold shoulder bag. Huge but empty.
  • 1 Cath Kidston bookbag in new red paisley print (mine).


  1. Oh me oh my - the book bag is just lovely, just the thing I need for my soon to be book purchases. I can have a guilt free spend as I got book tokens for my birthday! Yipee...

  2. what a lovely list one of your best maybe ? :-D
    i love the CK bag !!! that was the best thing on the list ..
    Lesley x

  3. Have you seen that in the new Cath Kidson book you get a bag to decorate? Could be a place for some orange trim!


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