Friday, 21 November 2008

A week in my shoes :: Day 3

In haste this morning, I jammed on the first pair of shoes that came into my hand as I rummaged. These lovely pale green pumps with a short, 4cm, heel. They are over five years old and I still love them but don't wear them very often. I need to be in a pale green mood.

See how beautifully they match the lichen on the pavement!
However, they were the wrong shoes. By the time I got home from the morning school run my feet were like blocks of ice. I put on these amazingly beautiful and warm socks (knitted by my mother from Kaffe Fasset Regia yarn), and did not remove them for the rest of the day.
This afternoon's school run was done in trainers.


  1. I've enjoyed the week in your shoes so far....would that be a Boden coat your wearing?
    Adore the tights!xx

  2. Oooh, NICE socks Mrs F, you are a very clever Mum indeed. Definitely a day for lovely thick cosy socks.x

  3. See, now I have shoe AND coat AND sock envy. Not good.


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