Sunday, 30 November 2008

The next generation of list writer

At the last parents evening we went to for O, I noticed that her class teacher had written in her maths book the comment "O is a little unsure of how to write a list".

The cheek of it! My daughter knows how to write a list! I mean, she has list writing genes!

Since then - of course, wouldn't you? - I've been secretly turning her into a proficient list writer. Shopping list needs jotting down? Get O to do it. Gift lists for Christmas need compiling? Get O to do them. Never again will a teacher say that a child of mine does not know how to write a list!

However, I now think I may have been taking things a little too far.

I came downstairs, bleary eyed, yesterday morning to find this stuck to the mantlepiece:

She had been inspired by one of her favourite TV programmes on CBBC at the moment, Gimme A Break, a programme in which the children draw up the family rules....

House rules
  • No ballet
  • No walks
  • No veg
  • No accents of any language
  • No moaning

She explained to her querying parent, that 'No ballet' meant no ballet by anyone in the house other than her. I don't think we meet her high standards.

'No accents of any language' is apparently for me and C who enjoy conversing with each other in whatever amusing and entertaining alternative accents we can think of. C is going through a Jamaican phase and my specialty is Southern Belle. Can't really see what the problem is there.

'No moaning' was one that I approved of, but then she explained that it didn't mean children weren't allowed to moan - it meant that parents were not allowed to moan about the house rules.


  1. just get her to write a list for her teacher - that will show her!!!
    love the accents comment, K and E get really cross when J and I pretend to talk french to each other, which of course we can't we just use a silly french accent - drives them bonkers!!!

  2. priceless! love her list. i am terrible at accents but still enjoy messing around as do luckily my girls. i wonder what they would put on their list... probably no singing even though i think i am ok at singing they totally disagree.
    Have a good week.
    ginny x

  3. Hysterical, love it!G (my G, not yours, obviously...!)and I have been talking in french accents today also-his son was going crazy, he hated it! how odd.x

  4. harrrumph. O makes a list as good as anyone, or better. I love her list! :)


    PS Imagining (or is that remembering?) your Southern Belle accent takes me back to Roanoke!


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