Sunday, 26 February 2012

Making Winter - 10 things

I love winter - it is my favourite season.  I savour the quiet, the peace, the cold and the thoughtfulness that comes with winter.  I am very happy to potter rather than do, which suits the colder months.  I discard my sewing and pick up my knitting instead.  I bake pies rather than make jam.  I wear warm tights and thick boots and read books.

Today in London it feels as if winter has very definitely come to an end.  The sun was up early, and shone all day.  I cleared the back garden - raking, digging, pruning, sweeping, weeding and tying back.  Then I tidied up the front garden - more weeding, more sweeping and more pruning.  I was outside in the garden for over four hours, and ended up with a warm, pink glow in my cheeks, and a mildly achey back.  As I worked I thought back over the winter and it seemed to me to have passed by in a flash. 

Gardening, today

Raking up the garden for spring
Raking up the winter debris

Spring tidy-up
Hard at work

These are my highlights.
It has been a very good one, but I'm looking forward to more days like today - outside, in the garden, turning my face to the spring sunshine.



  1. thank you for the baked oatmeal recipe. I'm going to try it for sure!

  2. Lovely post, sounds like a great day xx (hope you enjoyed the diving xx)

  3. I've also been out in the garden today & it really does feel as if spring is just around the corner!
    Thank you for linking this post to the Making Winter Blog hop.

  4. This Winter has gone fast, hasn't it? Lovely to share your summary of good things. But I am ready for the Spring sunshine.

  5. Oh, I wish - it is still grey and cold here, and we've still only had two hours in the last two weeks that were gardenworthy.

    And the cats are back.

  6. I had big plans for the day, rediscovering our allotment - but now it is grey again and I think I'll stick with indoor tidying up!

  7. you make winter sound really quite lovely. I must say this one has been much easier without the bucket loads of snow we had the two previous years! A bit more blue sky would be nice now!

  8. We have just had a wonderful busy day renovating our garden so my cheeks were pink and my back definitely a bit achey but I am very happy! I loved your winter list. Lucy xx


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