Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A tunic for Spring

I wanted a new top, so I sat down and made one.  Sometimes the simple, non-dithering approach works well for me.  I started cutting out the fabric at 8pm, and finished the last stitch of the hem at 1am.  G was away so I had rubbish tv and some good podcasts for company.

New tunic top

New spring tunic

This morning I am incapable of taking a decent photo.  I am sporting dark shadows under my eyes but also a funky, slightly psychedelic, new tunic top.  I'm happy.

New tunic top for Spring


Sewing notes:

The pattern is the Portfolio Tunic from Lisette (Simplicity 2245), which I have made twice before.  This time I left the collar off and finished the raw edge with bias tape, because the collar comes out very high.  I much prefer the lower neckline this way.

The fabric is quilting cotton from Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms range, and I think the colours and swirly flowers are very reminiscent of the 1960s.  The relatively heavy weight of quilting cotton works very well with this pattern.  The previous two versions I made were from much lighter cotton lawn, which are cool for summer but crumple more easily and don't hang quite so well.


  1. Oooh, how easy is it to leave off the collar in that pattern? I have all my pieces cut and i'm about to start sewing it, but I must admit I like your neckline more. I love the fabric.

  2. Oh, looking through your versions of this makes me really want to sew one for myself! I do like the contrast collar but I see what you mean about it being high, and a wider neckline usually works better on me. Thanks for the inspiration. Great fabric choices, and hooray for pockets!

  3. I was wondering whether that was the Portfolio before I got to that paragraph. I have the pattern but have yet to do it .. yours is lovely. Perfect for Springtime. You certainly look pleased with it!

  4. Lovely - it reminds me of a William Morris design x

  5. it's beautiful! I finished mine today-seemed to work with the sleeves etc.and I edged the hem and neckline in bias binding too-v.chuffed indeed at my first attempt!got absolutely nothing else done all day though...

  6. Wow! That is wonderful and you just whipped it up? (say she with a little hint of envy as the sewing machine is viewed as an instrument of torture here!) LOve the fabric and the contrasting trim is perfect!

  7. That is beautiful. Perfect for Spring!


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