Friday, 24 February 2012

Two pink bags

I haven't done any sewing since Christmas, and I've missed it.  Over a couple of evenings this week I sewed two bags.  What I had forgotten was how quick sewing is compared to knitting, and how deeply satisfying it is to create something from nothing and end up with an item which solves a problem.  Both these bags were made to solve problems.

O's old ballet bag was looking a little childish suddenly, and it was awkward for her to carry into class because it had a drawstring rather than handles. 

She really wanted a stylish tote bag like everyone else has.  I was very happy to make her one and asked her to pick out fabrics.  Despite declaring that she isn't into pink at all any more, she chose two eyewateringly bright pink fabrics for the bag.  I think she likes to keep me on my toes. 

Livvy's new ballet bag
O's new ballet bag - extra pink

I whipped up this tote bag for her in an evening, and she loves it.  At ballet this week she sauntered off into class with her new bag slung over her shoulder, looking very pleased with herself.  All the other 9 year olds in her class were exclaiming over the deliciousness of the cherry, polka dot and gingham fabrics, which pleased her even more.  She can be sure that no one else will ever have a ballet bag quite like this one.

Inside the ballet bag - all stuffed in any old how
O's new ballet bag - everything still gets stuffed inside any old how

The second bag was made for a friend's 12 year old daughter.  S didn't want her small bedroom cramped with a big washing basket, so her mum asked me to make her a drawstring laundry bag which could hang on the back of her door instead.  S picked out the fabric for her laundry bag, and also chose pink - but in much more muted colours than my 9 year old.  Like me, S's mum also thought her daughter didn't like anything pink, but was proved wrong.  I think maybe all girls like to keep their mums on their toes.

Embroidering a label
Embroidering a label

Laundry bag label
Laundry bag label

I embroidered a label for the bag, and was delighted to find a little steam iron image amongst my vast collection of embroidery transfers from Sublime Stitching.  I really love this bag, and the fabric S chose.  I think it would be a nice idea to have one of these myself to pack into my suitcase when I go away, and keep dirty washing separate from clean clothes.

Sarah's laundry bag
S's laundry bag - to hang behind her bedroom door

I hope S likes it as much as I do - I have a feeling she will.  I know her mum will just be delighted to get those dirty clothes off the floor and tidied away.  What is it with girls and discarded clothes?

O's bedroom this morning
O's bedroom this morning - with discarded bath towel, pyjamas and tops flung around.


  1. Seeing O's room makes me feel SO much better!! I thought it was just my girls that did that!! LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE the bags!! Both of them are gorgeous!! :o)

  2. Sweet bags, and what a great idea to make yourself a laundry bag for travelling. Isn't it satisfying to be able to whip up something useful :)

  3. Love the bags! And what is it about clothes? Caroline scatters them about like confetti all over the house.

  4. Ooooh, very lovely and I adore the idea of making a proper laundry bag for packing into suitcases - why didn't I think of that?

  5. Did you just whip the bag up, or use a pattern? They both look lovely.
    O's bedroom looks relatively tidy. I am sure you have forgotten the wonderful age of 3-5 where all girls toys are miniscule. I regularly open the door to 5 million bits of polly pocket flung everywhere, and hoover up dolls house tiny things, playmobil tiny things and other stuff. When i go round peoples houses who have kids aged 9 up, I am always struck by how much lounge they have. I have none. I have a play area. Oh, for a playroom.

  6. They are lovely. Amy also says that she doesn't do pink anymore but given the chance will invariably pick clothes with distictly pinky leanings and of course leave them strewn on every surface of her bedroom - I've given up nagging, I've got bored of hearing myself say the same thing time and time again!


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