Monday, 20 February 2012

Time off

Cam's half-term reading
Half-term reading for C

Time off is always welcome - and time off from school is particularly appreciated around here, even though school itself is generally enjoyed.  This past week the children were off school for half term, and G took a week off work as well, so we all had a week off at home together which felt very special.

We crammed our week with Good Things:
  • a family trip to Kew Gardens with cousins, uncle and aunt.  With the aid of a toppled snowman, C was taller than both Uncle and Dad for the first time.
  • Cam is taller than both Uncle and Dad
    G, C and Uncle M
  • a family trip to Cambridge to see the newest member of the family, and another uncle and aunt.  O took approximately 200 photos of her smallest cousin.
  • Hands - Graham & Allegra
    Baby A's perfect little hand
  • a birthday for G
  • a trip to the other side of London to celebrate a milestone birthday for G's father
  • Livvy reading and Cam with iPod on the tube
    O reading and C listening to his iPod on the tube
  • a long walk through the forest with old friends
  • a day chilling out with more old friends, some computer games, and knitting for the Mums
    Shawl progress
    Slow but steady progress on my shawl
  • a day at the Olympic Park to watch the Track Cycling World Cup at the velodrome
  • Graham and Cam cheering on Team GB
    Cheering on Team GB at the velodrome
Everyone's back at school and work today, and I miss them.  I am tidying, and cleaning, and setting the house back to normal.  It feels too quiet, but I go back to noticing - and appreciating - the small things. 

I spent a happy half hour in the garden this morning, chatting to the hens as I cleaned out their eglu and inspecting the progress of the buds and bulbs.  While we've been having time off with family and friends over half-term, the plants in the garden have been hard at work.  Spring is so nearly here.


Clematis bud
Clematis bud


  1. Sounds like the perfect sort of half term to me.

  2. what a great week, with lovely photos to remind you of it. those tiny fingers! love the updated cast list too (although maybe you did that weeks ago and I didn't notice - oops) and the photo of C reading, which reminds me, would you considering making a list of recommended reading for 11-12 year old boys, E has Just started loving books other than horrid henry - hurray, he is currently loving the hobbit, not sure what to suggest next?

  3. Sounds like you have all had a great week together :-) xx

  4. Sounds like a wonderful week. We had a good time too, it was so nice just to be together. The house was so so quiet this morning. But now they're home & it's noise and chaos again! :o) That's better!


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