Wednesday, 2 May 2012

10 things

  • I went to a fancy dress party with a theme of Icons from the 1980s, as a ZX Spectrum.  I like to retain an air of dignity as much as I can, so I rejected my family's suggestions that I dress up as Madonna or Anneka Rice, and went for an inanimate object instead. A black dress and a homemade badge was all I needed.
  • ZX Spectrum
  • Naturally, the children couldn't quite believe that the latest home computer thirty years ago, was lauded for games like Elite and Manic Miner.  They live in another world, and can't quite get their heads around how we moved from the ZX Spectrum to Xbox Live in one generation.
  • As I applied eye-shadow for the first time in years, I realised that I didn't wear any make-up at my wedding last year.  That seems very odd, but also kind of cool.
  • I have some new earrings, which are making me smile.
  • New earrings
  • My saxophone is down from the loft, so that I can accompany O on her new french horn and give her a middle C to tune to.  She has to do all the tuning with her mouth, for each note she plays, and this is by far the trickiest thing for her at the moment.
  • Once I'd played a few notes, I remembered how much fun it is playing an instrument. I dug out some music, reminded myself of the fingering chart and had a play around.
  • Playing
  • My saxophone is even louder than O's french horn.
  • I've got the bug now. My saxophone is going into our local music shop for a service later this week and then I'm going to save up for some refresher lessons and investigate local orchestras and wind bands.
  • Amazon sells tenor saxophone reeds, and even cork grease.  Is there anything they don't sell?
  • Olympic preparations have come to our street.  Because we live so close to the Olympic Park, we are having residents' parking restrictions put in for the duration of the summer.  This is our side of the street this morning, waiting for the contractors to arrive.  I've never seen our street without cars; it looks lovely.
Olympic parking plans


  1. You play the sax, how fab! Love the fancy dress solution, definitely my kind of costume.

  2. I went to an 80s thing as Krystle Carrington last year, solely because Mr Coffee doesn't do fancy dress. He went as Blake Carrington, which just took a good suit and a can of grey hairspray.

  3. Ooh, I LOVED Manic Miner as a child. That and Jet Set Willy. Happy times! Glad to see you're enjoying rediscovering the sax.

  4. Urgh, tuning - I think that's a big part of why my smaller one wants to swap violin for piano.

    I remember the car parking issue from a childhood in London. Living in the sticks now, parallel parking brings me out in a cold sweat.

  5. Wayne got his old computer out for the children. They couldn't believe you had to wait for games to load & then sometimes they'd get almost to the end & fail & Have to be loaded AGAIN!! And then when they did load they were less than impressed by the graphics!!Was a highly entertaining afternoon! :o)

  6. Oh! where did you get those earings? I would so like some Jan xx

  7. Please tell me where I can buy some earings like yours? They are great I love them Love Jan xx

  8. I'm hopeless with any game more advanced than Pong! Really looking forward to catching up on Friday.

    K x

  9. party dress up in real clothes is definitely the way to go!

  10. I NEVER wear makeup and didn't wear makeup at my wedding (nearly) 20 years ago. Loving the cute earrings.


  11. How cool that you're a saxophonist and lovely to be rediscovering a love of music - I hope you find a local band to play with. By the way, just saw your savoury madeline's on flickr and am now feeling really hungry - I must get the recipe from you when we next meet up because they look delicious!


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