Sunday, 20 May 2012

Saturday evening

We went to Party on the Pitch - a local concert to celebrate the Olympics, in the Leyton Orient stadium, only about 5 minutes walk from where we live.

We jumped around, sang, danced, chatted to friends, drank beers and cokes and screamed our appreciation for the artists.

Party on the Pitch :: Scouting for Girls

Party on the Pitch :: Leyton Orient Stadium full of local music fans

Cam and coke

I spent most of the evening dancing with Olivia on my back.  I can hardly move this morning.

Party on the Pitch :: Dancing to Alexandra Burke with a 9 year old on my back

And I've lost my voice.


  1. These are such happy pictures! I am slightly horrified that we are still needing woolly clothes in May though, sob, wail. We lit a fire last night - you must have been freezing!

  2. Lol - sounds like a great night x


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