Sunday, 13 May 2012

Welcome to London

"No visitor in his right mind comes to London expecting to be able to wallow in the kind of gay night life so familiar in Paris, New York and other cities.  That sort of thing is simply not among the attractions of our town, most of which, from an entertainment point of view, go to sleep before midnight.

Restrictions of what may be charged for a meal are mainly responsible for this state of affairs, because proprietors can no longer afford the luxury of cabarets or floor-shows which, at least, were available in happier days."

The 1948 London Olympic Games Programme, Olympic, World's and British Records: and useful visitor's Guide to London [With illustrations] by S. Evelyn Thomas, pub. 1948.

Welcome to London
Giant Olympic rings at St Pancras welcome visitors arriving in London on the Eurostar from France or Belgium

Things are a little less gloomy this time around.  London is getting ready to welcome people from all over the world, and colourful displays of Olympic rings are popping up all over the city.  These ones under St Pancras's enormous arcing roof are my favourites.

I'm pretty sure that a good night life will be available for any visitors and Londoners who go looking for it this summer - and I daresay maybe even a cabaret or floor-show too.


  1. I have finally, finally secured us some Olympics tickets - we're off to watch Men's Volleyball. V. excited!

  2. It's all getting very near now - exciting times!


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